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ŹOOĻ‘s Bang!Bang!Bang! might not be an upgrade for this edgy group but it makes a statement by featuring, what is now, their best song to date.

ZOOL bangbangbang
Title: Bang!Bang!Bang!
Label: Lantis
Release date: 15/01/2020
Genre: Urban Pop


1 - Bang!Bang!Bang!
3 - Bang!Bang!Bang! (Off Vocal)
4 - ZONE OF OVERLAP (Off Vocal)

Track by track analysis:

1 – Bang!Bang!Bang!

Bang!Bang!Bang! strays a bit away from the group’s whole vibe but being way too cheery and electronica fueled. Although the group’s trademark edgy guitar riffs make way to this track, those are only there to add an apparent “edge” to a song that sounds so uncharacteristically of the group that it sounds like it could have been performed by TRIGGER or IDOLiSH7.

Bubbly synths, the generic electro beat and overall upbeat, bright vibe that exudes from this song – contrary to what is on the lyrics – sounds off.

If you’re into ŹOOĻ going all pop-y, then this song will be up your alley, with an addictive chorus, simplistic verses, and consistent, quality vocals.

However, in comparison with ZONE OF OVERLAP or their first single, Poisonous Gangster, this song sounds too lazy, and completely strays away from the differential element that makes this group so enthralling – their edge and menace that comes from their urban, rock meets hip-hop and pop sound and intimidating lyrics.

Bang!Bang!Bang! does not capture most of that, instead, it ventures to a completely different territory.


ZONE OF OVERLAP takes ŹOOĻ through a darker and grittier sound, creating a stiffening soundscape.

A reverberating bass line, triplet and bass-driven hip-hop beat, impactful guitar riffs, dramatic piano melodies and a crescendo in drama take this song into the most explosive chorus this group has managed to pull off to date.

ZONE OF OVERLAP‘s chorus is dark, glitchy, intimidating, and a satisfying build-up to a song that has so much tension boiling since the intro. This urban pop tune also features a powerful performance by all members, really embracing the whole “intimidating aura” that this song gives off.

Add to this good line distribution and a solid improvement by all members on the vocal end and we get the best song by ŹOOĻ to this date.

Final considerations

ŹOOĻ partially ditch their powerful and intimidating act to embrace dancefloor-ready, upbeat sound. Bang!Bang!Bang! is, by no means, an upgrade for this fantastic group that took the IDOLiSH7 franchise by surprise in 2017.

The title track is surely catchy but it lacks substance and the group’s identity we found in the first release. Some might argue that this is a result of the group’s growth. Others might level that this is a slight change in sound in order to put all units performing tweaked versions of the same music genre – pop – for these consecutive releases.  Others might not even care that change has hit this group even if for one song.

All valid. However, on my side I find Bang!Bang!Bang! (the song) in no way noteworthy.

It is bland and generic at best. Fun? Certainly. Sounding like a ŹOOĻ song? Far away from it. What made them stand out was how unique their sound was within the franchise and this heavy iteration to electronica leaves a lot to be desired.

On the other hand, and with reason, ZONE OF OVERLAP is a heavyweight of a song. 

A fan favorite for almost a year, this powerful song with a punchy beat, addictive bass line, and edgy guitar riffs, not to mention a top-tier performance on ŹOOĻ’s side, is a must-listen.

This is a song that nods at their first single but takes things further, shows maturity in their approach to performing music, and adds more grit to it, ultimately sounding like an urban pop banger.

All in all, and despite my mild jab (with love) at the title track, the single Bang!Bang!Bang! is one worth checking out if not because ŹOOĻ is finally back after 2 years, then at least because their best song to date, ZONE OF OVERLAP, is here to be enjoyed.

Bang!Bang!Bang! is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

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ŹOOĻ's Bang!Bang!Bang! might not be an upgrade for this edgy group but it makes a statement by featuring, what is now, their best song to date.

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ŹOOĻ's Bang!Bang!Bang! might not be an upgrade for this edgy group but it makes a statement by featuring, what is now, their best song to date.Review | ŹOOĻ "Bang!Bang!Bang!"