Seiyuu Digest

While an extremely talented yet underrated voice actor and narrator, Junta Terashima continuously shows his cards as one of the best singers among male seiyuu.
Despite being known for voicing energetic and youthful characters, Atsushi Abe's talents go way beyond that.

Seiyuu Digest #88 – Yoshihisa Kawahara

With a voice that melts everyone and a passion for playing eccentric characters, Yoshihisa Kawahara is a seiyuu that deserves more love.

Seiyuu Digest #87 – Kouhei Amasaki

Saved by anime in one of the darkest moments in his life, Kouhei Amasaki's ambitions would take a complete turn.

Seiyuu Digest #86 – Arthur Lounsbery

An extremely versatile actor, passionate about cosplaying and games and with a singing voice you'll want to listen to time and time again.

Seiyuu Digest #85 – Junya Enoki

With a low-key demeanor, witty personality and a whole lot of talent as a voice actor, Junya Enoki is admired by both fans and his peers.

Seiyuu Digest #84 – Seiichiro Yamashita

Despite a slow start to his career, Seiichiro Yamashita has slowly turned into one of the most exciting rising talent in the voice acting industry in Japan.

Seiyuu Digest #83 – Jun Fukuyama

One of the most respected voice actors in the industry. An iconic voice with plenty of memorable performances to his name.

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