"DON'T LET MI KNOW" further explores the maturity that Tetsuya Kakihara has been bringing to his music through a set of cool performances.
"Strangers" is a massive upgrade over the duo's debut mini-album, showing more consistency and quality on all ends.

Review | TRD “TRAD”

"TRAD" is a fantastic comeback by one of the most iconic seiyuu duos. A return to the roots but also a mature step forward in their career.

Review | Tasuku Hatanaka “REAL”

Tasuku Hatanaka brings an interesting mix of joyful glee and twisted darkness with his 2nd album "REAL".

Review | “Paradox Live Shuffle Team Show vol.1”

Making the best out of the individual charms of all characters in this franchise, "Paradox Live Shuffle Team Show vol.1" impresses.


Despite its ambitious concept, "CROSSOVER ROTATION" celebrates IDOLiSH7 franchise's 7th anniversary, in a rather confusing way.

Review | VS AMBIVALENZ “VSA Musical”

VS AMBIVALENZ franchise fully embraced a musical style in the dramatic, yet far from perfect, new CD, "VSA Musical".

Review | HOUND ROAR “unfair”

HOUND ROAR's "unfair" brings chamber music elements to the band's alluring acid-jazz sound in a showcase of pure elegance.

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