Live Show Reports

Live Report | Hana Doll* -Behind The Frame- Anthos* Stage Event 2023

Anthos* dazzled in Hana Doll* -Behind The Frame- Anthos* Stage Event 2023, live + variety event held in June.

Live Report | Shouta Aoi LIVE 2023 WONDER lab. Garden

"I wanted to convey my gratitude to you". Shouta Aoi successfully completes a nationwide 4-city live tour with unique performances!

Live Report | Sir Vanity 2nd Live “midnight sun”

Sir Vanity, rock band fronted by Yoshiki Nakajima and Yuichiro Umehara, took the stage by storm in its 2nd live show "midnight sun".

Live Report | Wataru Hatano LIVE 2023 – TORUS –

Wataru Hatano celebrated his 41st birthday in style with a complete set of performances in Wataru Hatano LIVE 2023 – TORUS –.


Mamoru Miyano took over the stage in late 2022 to showcase his own brand of "entertainment" to his fans.


ŹOOĻ arrived and dazzled with strong performances, fancy choreography, and a lot of attitude for their first live show LIVE LEGACY “APOŹ”.

[Live Report] KATARI First Recital “Koushi”

KATARI took over the stage in August, redering fans speechless with their unique sound and performances.

[THTFHQ report] IDOLiSH7 2nd Live REUNION Day 1

The passionate and intense performances of all groups at IDOLiSH7's 2nd Live REUNION left everyone craving for more.

[Event Report] GROWTH & SOARA’s “A.L.P – Alive Party 2017 Summer -“

Growth and SOARA teamed up to perform at A.L.P - Alive Party 2017 Summer -. We bring you a summarized report of this event.

[Report] OSIRIS ONE-MAN LIVE TOUR “Re:incarnation”

OSIRIS, hardrock band from the rhythm game Band Yarouze!, is currently on a national tour. We bring you 2 reports from their tour.

Report | B-PROJECT 2nd Anniversary “DARK in the HALLOWEEEEN”

B-Project celebrated its 2nd anniversary with a special event. We bring you the report from "2nd Anniversary "DARK in the HALLOWEEEEN".

Report | SolidS & QUELL’s “S.Q.P -SQ PARTY 2017 SUMMER-“

For the 1st time performing on a 360-degree stage, SolidS and QUELL impressed everyone in July for S.Q.P -SQ PARTY 2017 SUMMER-.