Monthly Review: Kent Ito “Sain” and Anthos* “ROOM”

In March 2024, Kent Ito arrived with his 2nd EP "Sain" and instantly impressed while Anthos* brought to the spotlight an intense CD with "ROOM".

Seiyuu Digest #109 – Kengo Kawanishi

While his career took a bit to take off, as soon as it did, Kengo Kawanishi never stopped being one of the references in the seiyuu industry.

Latest News

BAE to release 1st album “Before Anyone Else” in June

Road To Legend's winners BAE are set to release their 1st album "Before Anyone Else" in June 2024.

Kazuki Kato to release new mini-album “Liberation BOX”

Kazuki Kato, talented actor, voice actor, and solo artist, is set to release the mini-album "Liberation BOX" in May 2024.

Soma Saito to perform at Mt.FUJIMMAKI 2024 festival

Popular seiyuu and singer-songwriter Soma Saito makes one of his dreams come true by headlining a music festival in his home prefecture.

Oricon Weekly | Switch and Kent Ito top this week’s charts

This article covers the 1st week of April, including singles and albums released between 01/04/2024 and 07/04/2024.
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2023 in Review: Underrated Albums that Deserve More Love

Uncover undiscovered music surprises from 2023 with underrated albums by Seiyuu artists & 2D music projects deserving more love!

2023 in Review: Best Albums by Male Seiyuu Artists and 2D Groups

Iconic experiences, epic comebacks, important celebrations and uniquely crafted music in a wide variety of music genres left a mark in 2023.

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Seiyuu Digest

The Hand That Feeds HQ’s staple is the Seiyuu Digest, a special monthly biography corner that has been carefully crafted and published since 2014. In each feature, you take a look at seiyuu’s careers, covering their path from aspiring seiyuu to being active seiyuu.

Seiyuu Digest #110 – Tatsumaru Tachibana

Bringing a strong background as a stage and Kabuki actor, Tatsumaru Tachibana is now following his path as a voice actor.

Seiyuu Digest #109 – Kengo Kawanishi

While his career took a bit to take off, as soon as it did, Kengo Kawanishi never stopped being one of the references in the seiyuu industry.

Seiyuu Digest #108 – Chiaki Kobayashi

Chiaki Kobayashi is already on a path to becoming a star, impressing with his unique voice and skills.


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A Guide to DYNAMIC CHORD: The Rise and Fall (and its Resurgence)

Initially pointed out as one of the best otome visual novel games and with rock music that stood out, DYNAMIC CHORD has gone through one of the craziest journeys as a 2D project.

A Guide to Band Yarouze!: How a rhythm game made 2D rock exciting

In 2016, Band Yarouze! brought a lot of quality music, a stellar rhythm game and an outstanding cast to the spotlight, making rock exciting, relatable and fun.

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Keep up-to-date with the newest releases in the world of male seiyuu artists and 2D groups. This feature covers everything from singles, albums, mini-albums/EPs, to digital singles, ensuring that you won’t miss a beat.

Out this Week | from ARGONAVIS, Haruhi Teramitsu and more

KiLLER KiNG's Terasmitsu twins celebrate their birthday with solo CDs, the from ARGONAVIS franchise releases an album and Uncle Bomb are back.

Out this Week | Switch “TRIP vol.12”

Quiet week of CD releases for fans of 2D music projects and seiyuu artists. This week Switch arrives with "TRIP Vol.12".

Out this Week | Kent Ito, Paradox Live, DIG-ROCK and more

Kent Ito releases his long-awaited 2nd EP, DIG-ROCK's bands release their 1st singles, Paradox Live releases its 3rd CD and more.