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A Guide to DIG-ROCK: Making niche rock subgenres cool

Exploring niche subgenres within rock while having an equal focus on character development, DIG-ROCK has turned into one of the most exciting 2D rock music projects around.

A Guide to DYNAMIC CHORD: The Rise and Fall (and its Resurgence)

Initially pointed out as one of the best otome visual novel games and with rock music that stood out, DYNAMIC CHORD has gone through one of the craziest journeys as a 2D project.

A Guide to Band Yarouze!: How a rhythm game made 2D rock exciting

In 2016, Band Yarouze! brought a lot of quality music, a stellar rhythm game and an outstanding cast to the spotlight, making rock exciting, relatable and fun.

A guide to FlyME Project: the pioneer 2D visual-kei rock project

2015 welcomed a groundbreaking project that put male seiyuu and visual-kei artists in the studio. Let's revisit FlyME Project.

aoppella!?: A Breath of Fresh Air in the 2D Music Industry

Acappella music takes center stage in a unique multimedia project that is more than ready to showcase the beauty of vocal harmony.
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