Ultimate Entertainment Guide for Male Seiyuu fans

Fight the Boredom - the ultimate entertainment guide for male seiyuu fans

As we all stay home to help flatten the curve, boredom has taken over. THTFHQ decided to provide the Ultimate Entertainment Guide for male seiyuu fans to have some fun during these days of social distancing.

In the past couple of weeks, Japanese voice actors have been announcing projects on youtube. More than ever seiyuu music can be commonly found on Spotify. Drama CDs and radio shows are starting to be made available on youtube.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki

At the same time, due to COVID-19, we are all currently social distancing or in a quarantine of sorts so things can get a little boring.

With that in mind, THTFHQ provides you an extensive (not exhaustive) entertainment guide for male seiyuu fans. Live performances, youtube shows, radio shows, music and games can be found in this article to help you pass time while at home.

Soma Saito

This is a nice catch because, every single bit of entertainment in this article is FREE to enjoy and, at the same time, directly supports the male seiyuu that are creating the content – music, videos and more.

A note: this guide is updated on a monthly basis.

Live shows

Although initially we featured Wataru Hatano LIVE Tour 2019 -Futuristic- and TAKUMA TERASHIMA LIVE TOUR 2017 3rd STAGE “REBOOT” on this guide, both Avex and Lantis (respectively) have since removed the videos from their respective channels.

IDOLiSH7 Road to Infinity

The very first live for the IDOLiSH7 franchise was streamed in April – a 1 hour digest out of the 4-hours of performances featured on BD and DVD – and, despite the warning made by Bandai that it would only be available for a limited period of time, it has actually been available to watch for a whole month.

IDOLiSH7 Road to Infinity counted with performances by IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER and Re:vale.

Since the live can be taken down from their youtube channel at any time, it is advisable for you to check it out as soon as possible.

Kazuki Kato’s 2016 10th anniversary tour live shows

Kazuki Kato

Stage actor, model and seiyuu, Kazuki Kato released 3 live shows from his 2016 10th anniversary live tour on his youtube channel launched this past April. There you can find the following live shows:

  • KAZUKI KATO 10th Anniversary Special Live “GIG” 2016 ~Laugh & Peace~「COUNT DOWN KK」
  • KAZUKI KATO 10th Anniversary Special Live “GIG” 2016 ~laugh & Peace~ ALL ATTACK KK(DAY1 – part 1)
  • KAZUKI KATO 10th Anniversary Special Live “GIG” 2016 ~laugh & Peace~ ALL ATTACK KK(DAY-1 – part 2)
  • KAZUKI KATO 10th Anniversary Special Live “GIG” 2016~Laugh&Peace~「All Attack KK-DAY 2 – part 1」
  • KAZUKI KATO 10th Anniversary Special Live “GIG” 2016~Laugh&Peace~「All Attack KK-DAY 2 – part 2」

Check those out in the videos below!

SCREEN mode “One Wish” live


Lantis kicked off a Lantis Online Live series, broadcasting live or live streaming past concerts by some of their talents. SCREEN mode – rock band fronted by seiyuu Yu Hayashi – performed live with no audience, promoting their 2019 single, One Wish.



GRANRODEO recently opened their official YouTube channel. And, besides the welcome video – that featured a snippet of a new, unreleased song, the band streamed in its entirety G12 and G13 ROCK☆SHOWs.

These are among the bands best ever live tours, being a must watch!

OLDCODEX’s live performance videos

OLDCODEX live in budokan 2016

Lantis also made sure OLDCODEX‘s fans got something to have fun watching.

If you have been rewatching the band’s music videos, then the recent batch of live performance videos is going to be a treat. Over 10 live performance videos from previous tours were released on youtube in full HD.

Find more videos on our extensive article on this fantastic batch of live performances by OLDCODEX – HERE.


The YouTube channels

It seems that the newest trend among seiyuu is to create content for their fans.

Branching out from voice acting, several seiyuu have kicked off youtube channels. There seiyuu share their passions while delivering some giggle and or swoon-worthy moments to their fans.

Banpresto or, as they now call it, Prebanlab

Prebanlab Kenichi Suzumura and Ryota Osaka

This is one of those dear live shows that almost everyone in the seiyuu fandom loves to watch.

Prebanlab airs monthly and features Kenichi Suzumura and Ryota Osaka as its hosts. Shows air simultaneously on Prebanlab’s official youtube channel and their Nico Nico channel. Recently aired episodes are featured on their achieve for a couple of weeks before being removed.



If you’re into ghost stories and like eerie atmospheres, then Seikowa is going to be your thing! This show counts with scary ghost stories – written by professionals – told by seiyuu in what is expected to be an immersive experience for fans of the genre.

Cast includes Takuya Eguchi, Nobuhiko OkamotoHiro ShimonoYuki SakakiharaTaito Ban and Gen Sato.

Episodes dropped every Friday but, with time, those were removed from the channel so make sure to watch the episodes as they are released to not miss a thing.

Sato-san, mou ippai!

takuya sato

If you are a fan of Takuya Sato‘s deep voice and sweet personality + you enjoy a drink from time to time, then Sato-san, mou ippai! is just the right thing for you!

Takuya Sato has been doing some one-on-one videos for Second Line’s YouTube channel since 2019.

In Sato-san, mou ippai!, Sato sits across you, the viewer, talking about alcohol and replying to fans’ comments. There is also the occasional swoon-worthy moment in there.

Natsuki Hanae’s YouTube channel

Natsuki Hanae

Everyone acknowledges Natsuki Hanae as the best seiyuu youtuber out there. He has been posting gaming videos and editing those on his channel since 2019. He is also the only seiyuu that has over 150 million streams.

You can find videos of puzzle, horror, cards games (competition in UNO is fierce) and FPS games.

His channel is filled with hilarious content. If you are a seiyuu fan as well as a gamer, then there are lots of cool gameplay videos to enjoy.

Guests include semi-regulars Kensho Ono and Takuya Eguchi, puzzle-expert Soma Saito, wholesome Yuma Uchida, passionate gamer Yoshiki Nakajima, cool Shintaro Asanuma, just to mention a few.

Natsuki Hanae has a playlist completely dedicated to those episodes featuring seiyuu guests for your viewing pleasure. But you can find many more HERE.

Masaya Onosaka’s “New Young TV”

Masaya Onosaka's "New Young TV"

If you like video games but are fan of oldschool seiyuu, then Masaya Onosaka‘s crazy New Young TV is going to be a delight to watch. Onosaka is well known for his love for games and, in this show, he often plays and talks about games. But this channel is not only on

At the same time fellow seiyuu and friend Katsuyuki Konishi tagged along as an assistant, creating one of the craziest, unpredictable seiyuu duos on camera.

It is well worth checking Onosaka’s New Young TV just for his trademark unscripted humor and Konishi’s patience to deal with him. There are over 10 different playlists and hundreds of videos for you to check.

Gakutomo Channel

Gakutomo Gakuto Kajiwara

Gakuto Kajiwara has been doing his YouTube show, Gakutomo, since 2018 in a rather homely fashion.

For his show, Kajiwara invites fellow seiyuu to hang out with him. Together they tackle challenges or tasks and, in the end, everyone has a good time.

Some of his guests include Yuichiro Umehara, Yoshiki Nakajima, Daisuke Ono, Jun Fukuyama, Takuya Masumoto, Shouhei Komatsu, Sho Karino and more.

A long playlist, with over 150 episodes sorted out chronologically, is available on his channel HERE.

Yuichi Nakamura and Mafia Kajita’s “Washagana TV”

Washagana TV

This is a recently announced show but I am sure that fans of Yuichi Nakamura and Mafia Kajita will be delighted. The cool duo kicked off their youtube show this month and will be sharing the fun – and games – once a month on a live broadcast so make sure to subscribe to Washagana TV to get notifications whenever they go live!

Tomokazu Sugita / AGRS official YouTube channel

Tomokazu Sugita official youtube channel

Tomokazu Sugita not only turned into a CEO of his own company this month, but also kicked off his own Youtube channel. So far, his channel has only two videos but the introductory video alone is already a unique treat for his fans.

Haruki Ishiya’s “Koharu Biyori”

Haruki Ishiya Haru Haru

Hypnosis Mic star, Haruki Ishiya has his own show on Nico Nico. Haruki Ishiya’s Koharu Biyori youtube channel features videos released twice per month.

Some of the guests on his show include Subaru Kimura, Kento Ito, Shinichiro Kamio and Kentaro Kumagai, there is no shortage of entertaining content on this laidback show.

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Toshiki Masuda’s official youtube channel

Toshiki masuda diver

Seiyuu, actor, model and solo artist, Toshiki Masuda added another profession to his repertoire: youtuber. The 30-year old launched his youtube channel this month, sharing his gaming adventure in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

If you are looking for a chill broadcast with mild dubbing of some of the game’s characters by Masuda or simply enjoy his quiet, geeky side, his channel already has 3 videos for you to enjoy.

Komada Wataru no Kinniku Puru Puru

Komada Wataru no Kinniku Puru Puru

If you are concerned about your fitness levels then Wataru Komada has the right thing for you.

His show, Komada Wataru no Kinniku Puru Puru is available on youtube. It features 13 videos of exercises you can do while at home and without any gym equipment.

Guests include 81 Produce’s talents as his assistants such as Anju Nitta, Kento Ito, Yuki Sakakihara, Tadokoro Hinata and more.


Episodes are broadcasted live. Make sure to subscribe and follow his channel to get those notifications and not miss an episode.

81 PRODUCE’s Let’s exercise On The Inside~

81 Produce

81 PRODUCE, one of the top seiyuu talent agencies in Japan, crafted a special corner to motivate people to exercise while in lockdown.

Enlisting the help of their talents some of those quite possibly in your favorites list – Wataru Komada, Soma Saito, Yuki Sakakihara, Wataru Hatano, Yoshiki Nakajima, Shinichiro Kamio, Shunsuke Takeuchi, etc – the talent agency has been releasing brief exercise videos.

There are also a couple of videos with narration in English – Wataru Komada is one of the male seiyuu that has lent his skills to this department.

The following videos are just some examples, if you want to check every single one of those, please refer to 81 PRODUCE’s official youtube channel.

Ryuichi Kijima’s Kono Buta Yarou

Ryuichi Kijima's Kono Buta Yarou

Ryuichi Kijima, best known as the voice behind Hypnosis Mic‘s Gigolo (Matenro), has his own Nico Nico talk variety show.

Kono Buta Yarou is a pretty simple yet entertaining show that features Kijima and, at times, a guest having laidback conversations and playing around with a dummyhead mic.

Episodes of the show are release on the Bergamo Co., Ltd’s official youtube channel. Guests include Shunichi Toki, Shuuta Morishima, Tomokazu Sugita, Kento Ito and more.

Ryohei wa sake nomi nagara game shitai.

Ryohei Kimura

Ryohei Kimura kicked off his gaming channel just a couple of weeks ago.

Ryohei wa sake nomi nagara game shitai. is, as the name makes it clear, basically Kimura playing games while drinking, creating a rather laidback vibe in his videos.

He shares gameplay videos with interesting insights from him as well as hilarious shenanigans along the way. Dead by Daylight, Detroit: Become Human (playthrough) and Biohazard RE:3 are some of the games he has made videos about.

To reach his international fans, Ryohei Kimura will feature fan-made subtitles in various languages in his videos.

Tori-san Gakkyu

Torisan Gakkyu

Kousuke Toriumi surprised a lot of people by opening his own youtube channel in April.

Tori-san Gakkyu is going to be a place in which the veteran seiyuu, narrator and singer shares things he loves with his fans.

Toriumi is asking for content suggestions. Make sure to hop in the comments section in the video below to make some suggestions of your own.

The first video is up on his channel.

Shiraimu channel

Yusuke Shirai

Yusuke Shirai recently joined the wave and created his own youtube channel.

Shirai mentioned that he noticed that he has never gotten his own radio or variety show. After thinking for over a year about it, he decided to kick off his own youtube channel. This is going to be the place where he can be free and talk + do what he wants.

The channel so far has ASMR videos, games, daily life stuff as well as the occasional seiyuu cameo. Subaru Kimura, Yoshitaka Yamaya, Shunichi Toki – all voice only – plus Soma Saito and Yukihiro Nozuyama – via videocall – have participated on his videos.

Check out below how things went as Shirai visited EARLY WING and negotiated with his manager on creating this channel.

Junta Terashima studio

junta terashima

Junta Terashima has been active on youtube since early this year. He kicked off his own channel, Junta Terashima studio and there he features songs, JUNTAA’s HOPPY GIRL music video, videogame footage and more.

There are already quite a few videos to entertain you as we deal with this worldwide lockdown.

Kazuhiko Inoue’s KAZUFUN

Kazuhiko Inoue

The veteran seiyuu and narrator made his jump to Youtube a couple of years ago. However, it was only recently that Kazuhiko Inoue became active in the platform.

In his channel, Inoue shares his passion for cycling with his fans. This results in pretty simple and relaxing episodes in which you take in the landscapes and the beauty of some places in Japan.

The first couple of episodes are already up on his channel. Make sure to check them out!

Kazuki Kato youtube channel

Kazuki Kato Road Tour 2020

Kazuki Kato opened his own youtube channel in April.

Mostly featuring his music videos, the channel seemed to be more on the professional side until… Kato started releasing cooking videos. His cooking corner is titled KazuKitchen and already features a video of him cooking ramen.

Additionally, Kato released a couple of acoustic performances that you might want to check out.

Tomokazu Seki official YouTube channel

Tomokazu Seki

The voice actor, actor and narrator, Tomokazu Seki, also joined youtube recently. He’s released several quirky radio exercise videos on his channel that you can check to brighten up your day.

Shiraishi Minoru channel

Minoru Shiraishi

Minoru Shiraishi actually kicked off his own gaming youtube channel in January, way before the pandemic took over Japan, so he has plenty of cool content for you to enjoy.

He actually participated in the Haruhi Suzumiya dance challenge after Tomokazu Sugita’s take on the challenge made by Aya Hirano.

Yuki Kaji official YouTube channel

Yuki Kaji profile 2020

Superstar seiyuu Yuki Kaji also made his way into the platform. He created his own youtube channel in which he will be sharing various reading videos as well as been sharing videos on Animal Crossing playthrough.

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Kaito Ishikawa’s official YouTube channel

Kaito Ishikawa

Kaito Ishikawa marked his return to social media with the launch of his own YouTube channel. There are already gaming videos on his favorite first-person shooter, PUBG. There are also videos on Animal Crossing and Resident Evil 3 Remake.

At the same time, Ishikawa also features a special reading video with close friends and fellow male seiyuu, Soma Saito and Yoshiki Nakajima.

Tsubasa Sasa and Mizuki Chiba’s Genkai Otaku STUDIO

Tsubasa Sasa and Mizuki Chiba

Tsubasa Sasa and Mizuki Chiba teamed up to create their official Youtube channel.

As the title implies, there will be a lot of otaku talk on this channel so, if you are a fan of the 2 TSUKIPRO talents – as part of Vazzy and Infinit0 respectively -, make sure to follow their channel, Genkai Otaki STUDIO.

Shohei Komatsu’s official channel

Shohei Komatsu

On his birthday, Shohei Komatsu opened his official youtube channel. He did a livestream in which he replied to fans’ questions and introduced everyone to what his channel is going to feature.

A couple of videos are out. His content is gaming related so, if you are a gamer and a fan of his, you are in for a treat! A note that he recently recorded his gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 Remake so, spoilers ahead for those that haven’t played it yet.

Toshiyuki Someya’s Somechan TV

Toshiyuki Someya

The actor, model and seiyuu – mostly known as member of Unicorn Jr. – opened his official youtube channel last month.

Since then, Toshiyuki Someya has released videos featuring his dog as well as gameplay videos. His channel already has a couple of videos there.

I leave you with the first video below.

Suzuki Yuto no jibun, amakunainde

Yuto Suzuki

Yuto Suzuki kicked off his own YouTube channel titled 鈴木裕斗の自分、甘くないんで (Suzuki Yuto no jibun, amakunainde – roughly translated to Suzuki Yuto’s self is not sweet). If you’re a foodie, you’re going to enjoy the concept of his youtube channel.

His first video is up, check it out below!


Subaru Kimura

Although Subaru Kimura has not opened his own YouTube channel, he has been using the official Tensai Gekidan Bakabakka youtube channel for his “youtuber style” talk videos, Kimusuba.

If you’re looking for a quirky set of videos, Kimura has you covered.


Takahiro Mizushima

Takahiro Mizushima opened his YouTube channel in April. DAITUBER features various gaming videos.

Hozumi Goda’s youtube channel

Hozumi Goda

Veteran seiyuu, narrator and sound engineer, Hozumi Goda, kicked off his YouTube channel in March. There he shares camping, voice acting and variety videos.

There are already a couple of videos on his YouTube channel, make sure to check those out!

Stamy Channel

When Stand my Heroes! was just a smartphone game, Coly had a show running on YouTube. Hosted by Yoshiki Nakajima and Yoshitaka Yamaya, Stamy channel kicked off in 2018.

It counts with 2 seasons, featuring several background and props changes and a whole lot of hilarious shenanigans. It is also fairly entertaining to watch Nakajima and Yamaya roast each other from time to time. Unfortunately, the show wrapped up in the summer of 2019.

There are 75 episodes on archive that you can check out including guests Tomohito Takatsuka, Chiharu Sawashiro and Natsuki Hanae.

GO5 Channel


GOALOUS5 consist of Kentaro KumagaiJunta TerashimaShugo NakamuraShohei Komatsu and Toshinari Fukamachi. Their concept is “that of a dark hero who tries to win the world by using his voice“.

Their YouTube channel, GO5 Channel, kicked off in 2019 and features a wide variety of entertaining videos.

Dengeki Girls Channel

Girl Star Game Tenshi

Dengeki Girls Channel is completely focused on giving your otome hearts some soothing.

The channel features otome game news, demos, interviews with cast and other shenanigans. Girl Star Game Tenshi features rotating host duos KENN & Tomoaki Maeno and Genki Okawa and Yuto Suzuki.

Recently, Dengeki Girls Channel debuted KENN to Okamoto Nobuhiko no Nintendo Switch de otome game o asonde mitai!. The show is hosted by fellow seiyuu KENN and Nobuhiko Okamoto.


  1. Thanks for this comprehensive list!

    I’ve been a seiyuu fan since I was a young student (~12 years ago). I can’t believe I still squeal over these ossans. I even sent Kamiya Hiroshi fan mail and (despite living in relatively little income) bought albums and seiyuu magazines when I was a student. I’m glad that it’s getting easier to connect to them from overseas. Especially with Youtube and more and more of them are starting to be more open about their lives and hobbies. I guess I’m just happy that there’s more ways to see/hear them now especially if you’re an overseas fan.