THTFHQ’s readers answer which male seiyuu voice they would like to have

If you could have the voice of any male seiyuu, who would it be? This question proves to be tough to answer. Numan Tokyo readers had a hard time and now THTFHQ‘s readers struggled as well to come up with only 1 name.

Male seiyuu have been the source of joy for all of us – otherwise you wouldn’t be checking this article right now, wouldn’t you?

While going through your answers in the survey conducted on THTFHQ from May 12 to May 15, I noticed that some of you have an emotional connection to their voice.

Be it because they voiced your favorite character, their voice puts a smile on your face – making you forget about your worries -, they are aces when it comes to variety, or their voice makes you swoon almost immediately no matter what they are saying – guys, guys, this can be a bit questionable depending on what they say to you!.

Others mentioned that their singing technique and voice made their songs resonate with them. For some of you, they presented you a whole new world, for others, they “arrived” at just the right time, pulling you away from a dark place.

toshiki masuda TSK 2018

That already says a lot about the seiyuu industry and how voice acting talents, now that they are in more projects other than just dubbing (different from how it was 10 – 15 years ago), can impact our lives.

Music, variety shows, drama CDs, all of these make us closer and more familiar with those voices that help creating fantasy worlds and take you on one-in-a-lifetime experiences.

What I can conclude: male seiyuu are a source of happiness for you all, regardless of the reason why you started to support them.

What was «Whose voice would you like to have among male seiyuu?» about?

This poll/survey was created as a response to Numan Tokyo‘s, Japanese seiyuu and anime news website, poll conducted from April 25 – 28, 2020. You can check those results HERE.

While engaging with you on THTFHQ’s official twitter account, I noticed that you agreed with the results although you’d love to add an extra male seiyuu or 2 to that top 10.

Thus, all in good fun, and as a way to celebrate those voices that we love, this survey was created. The focus was on THTFHQ’s readers choosing a voice they would love to have instead of just plain voting for their favorite seiyuu.

It is interesting that, favorite male seiyuu and favorite male seiyuu voice don’t always coincide, which led to interesting results!

A couple of notes before you go to the ranking:

⭕ Over 100 of you voted on this poll. The results below only feature the top 10 most voted.

❌ No mention will be made of how many votes each seiyuu got. This is following Numan Tokyo’s format and style.

⭕ Some of your comments will feature on this article however, worded in a clearer and, at times (looking at you guys with R18 comments!), cleaner way for all ages to read.

❌ Comments about the “looks” of a seiyuu won’t be featured because this poll was all about the VOICE.

⭕ If the seiyuu you voted in/nominated are not featured within top 10, it means that we all need to keep supporting them so that, when this poll is redone, the results will be different!

Without further ado, this is the top 10 male seiyuu voices you’d love to have!

#10 Toshiki Masuda

Toshiki Masuda

According to our readers, the reasons as to why they’d like to have Toshiki Masuda‘s voice are:

  • An enjoyable and calming voice that makes you feel relaxed and at ease
  • His voice is deep, however not too much so I feel that his voice would be exactly what I want, not only it is manly but it is also soothing
  • Unique voice among male seiyuu

#9 Takuya Sato

Takuya Sato

According to our readers, the reasons as to why they’d like to have Takuya Sato‘s voice are:

  • His voice can be both innocent and sexy
  • Definition of sexy voice
  • Nothing beats his soothing and medium toned voice. He could literally say anything and I would still swoon over him.

#8 Ayumu Murase

Ayumu Murase

According to our readers, the reasons as to why they’d like to have Ayumu Murase‘s voice are:

  • His deep voice is so calm and soft
  • Angelic, youthful voice. Has a cuteness that isn’t annoying to others
  • The vocal range is impressive!

#7 Yuki Kaji

Yuki Kaji profile 2020

According to our readers, the reasons as to why they’d like to have Yuki Kaji‘s voice are:

  • Has a sweet voice and covers a wide vocal range. His professionalism is inspiring.
  • A voice that almost everyone likes
  • His voice is so calming. A voice that can be forgiven no matter what he says. Mamoru Miyano once said that when Kaji says perverted lines as Meliodas (7 deadly sins anime), it doesn’t sound dirty because it’s his voice; Hiroshi Kamiya also mentioned that when Kaji says foul things, it doesn’t sound malicious at all because it’s his voice. All-powerful voice to have because you don’t get judged when you say dirty things or swear

#6 Natsuki Hanae

Natsuki Hanae

According to our readers, the reasons as to why they’d like to have Natsuki Hanae‘s voice are:

  • His range between psychopath and his ikebo (good looking guy voice) is exquisite!!
  • He has a clear voice and is able to do a wide variety of roles, including both cute and cool roles of any gender. His voice can also be really easy to listen to.
  • It has a very soothing quality with the ability to sound both cute and sexy.
  • Unique, sexy voice and can sing (well).


#5 Mamoru Miyano

Mamoru Miyano

According to our readers, the reasons as to why they’d like to have Mamoru Miyano‘s voice are:

  • Awesome singer, able to sing different music genres and reach someone’s heart with each of his performances. A cool and deep voice can touch your heart with each character or song. Also, Mamoru is a pretty good mood-maker, he’s “entertainment” himself!
  • He was the voice that truly caught my interest in anime. Overall, his voice is very versatile and he is fantastic at playing intelligent, scheming characters. He always has so much passion, whether acting or not, and can easily hook you with his angelic singing voice (The best example of this being his role as Ichinose Tokiya from Uta no Prince Sama). He is a bright star within the seiyuu industry that has inspired many people.
  • Mamoru’s voice can sound very differently, but I really love his soft silvery voice he uses to sing ballad songs. And the way he laughs! I always fail when trying not to laugh along with him.

#4 Yuichiro Umehara

Yuichiro Umehara

According to our readers, the reasons as to why they’d like to have Yuichiro Umehara‘s voice are:

  • His voice can have a soothing effect
  • It’s suave, it’s soft, yet deep
  • I think that Umehara is a very talented actor and his voice captured my heart from the moment I heard him as Wakasa in Orenchi no Furo Jijou almost six years ago. He has great emotional depth and I really liHe always sounds kind of erotic; whether he’s using a lower, rougher voice for an oresama type character, or a higher more feminine voice! I love his ability to retain this attractive sound while making use of his range. His singing voice is also gorgeous and powerful!! You can tell he’s extremely talented. Love how smooth and soft he can sound. There’s a clearness in his tone that doesn’t get lost even when he’s being loud or voicing someone rough, too. Honestly, his voice is just beautiful to me and even if it’s made me cry on more than one occasion, I feel blessed that I’m able to hear it and also witness Umehara and his career grow.
  • Fresh ikemen voice! Sounds very serious.

#3 Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Toshiyuki Toyonaga

According to our readers, the reasons as to why they’d like to have Toshiyuki Toyonaga‘s voice are:

  • He always sounds kind of erotic; whether he’s using a lower, rougher voice for an oresama type character, or a higher, more feminine voice! I love his ability to retain this attractive sound while making use of his range. His singing voice is also gorgeous and powerful!! You can tell he’s extremely talented.
  • The right amount of suave, gruff, and cuteness in one person! his singing voice is also one of the bests in the industry color and technique-wise.
  • Having his voice would be convenient as I’d be able to adjust the voice depending on the situation. Lower voice when you need to be taken seriously, soft voice when you talk your way to client, or just a crazy voice when you just done with it
  • I think his voice is just really hot and sounds manly and his vibrato is just <3 <3 . I guess sultry is the word I would use to describe his voice.
  • The best singer among male seiyuu! Has a massive range and technique that few seiyuu have been able to rival!

#2 Shouta Aoi

Shouta Aoi BAD END promo

According to our readers, the reasons as to why they’d like to have Shouta Aoi‘s voice are:

  • He has a very cute talking voice. He also has a very impressive range when he’s singing. It can be very high or very low. He has such a unique voice.
  • Very beautiful voice that sounds angelic and clear when high pitched and cool and charming when low pitched. His singing sounds wonderful too and the voice has nice range.
  • His voice is very unique and feminine, meaning he can voice a bunch of different characters!
  • Quite cliché but his voice really does resemble that of an angel, his singing range is absolutely amazing. His usual soft singing voice feels like a beautiful lullaby, while he can also sound really cool! His voice is also a lot more versatile and can be used to voice a great range of different characters. Additionally, he easily charms all genders alike with his adorable voice! (And he was technically the reason I became interested in voice actors, as his voice really enthralled me)
  • His voice sounds very sweet and gentle, helping to give the impression that he’s kind, fun and cute. What a nice impression for your voice to give! He’s also a fantastic singer.
  • I find his voice very unique and versatile, one that I can often easily tell apart from the others. In voice acting, he is able to cover a huge range from the feminine to the masculine tone. He can do cute, sexy, wicked and more voices. And in singing, he is able to smoothly execute high notes and long notes. Overall his voice sounds pristine and soothing, and is really pleasant to listen to.  When he talks normally or is singing, his voice is really soft and it’s like he’s gently touching my heart. His voice will never fail to snatch my heart and i’ll never get tired of listening to it.

#1 Soma Saito

Soma Saito Drifting Dragons magazine 2020
Soma Saito Drifting Dragons magazine 2020

Soma Saito seems to be the number 1 choice for both Japanese and overseas fans!

According to our readers, the reasons as to why they’d like to have Soma Saito‘s voice are:

  • So erotic
  • His voice is really cool and sexy at the same time.
  • Sweet low toned voice, additionally, he’s a great singer – his range is amazing!
  • His regular speaking voice is quite soft and soothing. He has a way with words and speaks very eloquently. I think it’d be pretty nice to sound like that in my everyday life. When it comes to voice acting, he has a pretty wide range both in terms of pitch and in terms of the emotion he puts into his performances. I also love his singing voice and listen to his solo music and his character songs all the time. And finally, he is one of my favorite voice actors and I really admire his work and him as a person.
  • His voice is soft, refreshing and really seductive. He has that voice that will give you sweet dreams when your hear it before you sleep.
  • Even though there are other seiyuu voices I really like, as a girl, I’d like to have a more androgynous voice. His voice can be so smooth and charming, but also strong, and I think it would be a nice complement to my personality but also honestly make me sound cooler. He has a really great range I would love to have, both in his acting and his octave range (and I’d love to be able to do all the weird impressions he can, like his delusion voices as Yumeno Gentaro in Hypnosis Mic). Also, he can sing!
  • I’d love to tease people with that sensual undertones. (THTFHQ comment: we’ve got ourselves a Do-S in here folks, beware! 😂) To be honest, his voice isn’t one that would leave a huge impact when you first hear it, but after some time, you realize just how clean & cute/sexy it really is, it slowly becomes addicting. Also his singing -makes you think he could sing anything and always set your mind and heart at ease.

Thank you to everyone that took a little bit of their time to participate in this poll/survey!

Tell me, did your favorites make it to the top?

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