Out this Week | aoppella!?, Daiki Yamashita, Rei & Shio and more

pioniX and DIG-ROCK franchise wrap up their ongoing CD series, Daiki Yamashita releases a new digital single and more.

Daiki Yamashita To Release New Digital Single “Sequel”

Big news for Daiki Yamashita's fans. The popular seiyuu and solo artist is going to release a new digital single titled "Sequel".

Movic unveils details on Issei Kuga’s “Gunjou Shashin”

QUELL's Issei Kuga (CV: Shugo Nakamura) is set to release "Gunjou Shashin" in the "Ano Koro no Bokura wa My Dear Days." CD series.

Movic unveils details on Iku and Rui’s “Wagamama”

Procellarum's Iku Kannazuki and Rui Minazuki team up for "Wagamama", the 11th release in Tsukiuta's 5th CD series.

TRIGGER Releases New Digital Single “EVOLUTION”

TRIGGER celebrates its 8th anniversary on September 18, 2023 with the release of a special digital single titled "EVOLUTION".

Anthos* CHISE unveils details on “Air Quotes” digital single

Anthos* CHISE (CV: Wataru Komada) is the next member joining in the "Air Quotes" solo song series. His entry drops this October.

Anthos* LIHITO to release “Air Quotes” digital single in October

Anthos* LIHITO (CV: Kent Ito) joins in the ongoing "Air Quotes" solo song series with an entry of his own set for release in October.

Out this Week | Double Face, Reboost and Momotaro

Double FACE releases its 1st album, Reboost releases its 1st CD and Momotaro tackles a solo CD for the very first time.

Kiramune Music Festival 2024 Announced

Kiramune's solo artists and units are ready to hop on stage for the 2-day live festival, Kiramune Music Festival 2024.

Shugo Nakamura to release mini-album “Henshin”

Singer-songwriter Shugo Nakamura is back with new music before the end of 2023, releasing the mini-album "Henshin" in November.

Tasuku Hatanaka to release 8th single “Good Luck”

Tasuku Hatanaka is ready for a comeback with "Good Luck", 8th single overflowing with theme songs for anime and movies.

Division All Stars to release new digital single “RISE FROM DEAD”

Division All Stars is set to release "RISE FROM DEAD" digital single featured as the opening theme for Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Rhyme Anima +.

Review | Tetsuya Kakihara “Waratte Ite…”

Tetsuya Kakihara's "Waratte ite…" not only leaves you with a broad and proud smile but also invokes tears and goosebumps.

XlamV To Release 4th Digital Single “Said that”

VS AMBIVALENZ's 7-member idol group, XlamV, is back with a new digital single. The 4th entry is titled "Said that".