Out This Week

KATARI brings its lo-fi + literature charms for its 2nd album "SANIARAZU" and Cecil brings bubbly pop tunes to put a smile on your face with his "STARISH TOURS" CD.
Re:vale releases its 2nd full-length album "Re:flect In", Magatsu Note brings visual-kei rock to the spotlight with "DEVIL ASYLUM" and more.

Out this Week | SparQlew “neon”, KAGARIBI “Noroshi” and more

SparQlew releases its first CD as a quartet, KAGARIBI releases "Noroshi", Paradox Live's teams are on a road to becoming legends, and more.

Out this Week | Gakuto Kajiwara “Irochigai no Itotaba”, and more

Gakuto Kajiwara makes his long-awaited comeback with “Irochigai no Yakusoku”, the TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! franchise kicks off its 2nd season of CDs and more.

Out this Week | Ren Jinguji “STARISH Tours Idol Song”

Ren Jinguji spreads his charms with his entry in the ongoing Uta no Prince-Sama Maji Love STARISH Tours Idol Song CD series.

Out this Week | THE kogadou “GROWING SIGN@L” and more

THE kogadou participates in the ongoing "GROWING SIGN@L" CD series and SHIFTYz's members release character songs for the first time.

Out this Week | Soma Saito “Rakuen”, VS AMBIVALENZ “VSA Musical” and more

Soma Saito is back with new music, Tokiya Ichinose is the next one up in the STARISH Tours Idol Song CD series, VS AMBIVALENZ is back, and more.

Out this Week | Makoto Furukawa “Ibara Rinbukyoku” and more

Makoto Furukawa is back with a new single, Growth wraps up the CARDS CD series, BRAVE CHILD is up next in the "UNLIMITED" CD series.

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