Bid goodbye to summer in style with this list feature filled with nostalgic songs performed by your favorite seiyuu artists and 2D groups.
Did you just get into male seiyuu music and don't know where to start? Are you a longtime fan but looking for new music to check out? Time to check these 18 essential albums by male seiyuu artists.

2021 in Review: 12 Male Seiyuu that Impressed

Unmatched singing skills, on-demand for 2D music projects, delivering impressive performances as singers.

2021 in Review: Albums that Went Under the Radar in 2021

More often than not, outstanding albums go under the radar for fans of seiyuu artists or 2D groups. Time to celebrate the hidden gems of 2021.

2021 in Review: Best Albums by Male Seiyuu Artists and 2D Groups

From engaging stories to returns to their origins, drastic changes in sound, ambitious concepts, and outstanding performances.

12 Songs by Male Seiyuu to Kick off 2022 in Style

Good vibes, elegant sound and mesmerizing performances. Welcome 2022 with a perfect list of 12 songs by male seiyuu made for a stylish New Years' Eve.

2021 in Review: Best Songs Released by Male Seiyuu Artists and 2D groups

Impressive performances, unique sound, good vibes and high quality. Time to cover the best songs released by seiyuu and 2D groups in 2021.

7 Sweet Christmas songs by Male Seiyuu and 2D groups

Grab a blanket and a hot drink and listen to these cozy Christmas-themed songs by male seiyuu and 2D groups.

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