UniteUp! franchise to hold “sMiLea LIVE -Unite with You-” in July


The UniteUp! franchise hops on stage this July for a special event titled “sMiLea LIVE -Unite with You-“.

sMiLea LIVE -Unite with You- is going to be held at Tokyo Garden Theatre on 29/07/2023 and 30/07/2023.

The cast confirmed to attend this event includes:

  • Kikunosuke Toya
  • Ryoutaro Yamaguchi
  • Amon Hirai
  • Ryuichiro Sakata
  • Shinnosuke Morikage
  • Magura Sukegawa
  • Gaku Takamoto
  • Kousei Tsubokura
  • masa
  • Takumi Magoshi
  • Yuki Shimomae
  • Soma Saito (special guest)
  • Yoshiki Nakajima (special guest)

For more details please refer to the official website (link below).

What is UniteUp!?

UniteUp! is a music franchise launched by Sony Music Japan in 2021. The franchise features music releases by its 4 idol groups: PROTOSTAR, Legit, JAXX/JAXX and AneLa.

Early in 2023, an anime adaptation of the same name aired.

UniteUp!’s synopsis is the following:

“Me, an idol…?”
Akira Kiyose, a high school student who loves singing. His singing was uploaded on a video streaming site under the name “KIKUNOYU.”
One day, he was scouted by the talent agency “sMiLea Production” after they heard his singing voice. It turned out that the agency was founded by the legendary idol “AneLa,” who had suddenly retired, for the purpose of idol training.
Kiyose, along with two other member who were also scouted, Banri Naoe and Chihiro Isuzugawa, formed PROTOSTAR.
The three, who started out as singers, were inspired by the agency’s other idol groups, “LEGIT” and “JAXX/JAXX,” and aimed for their idol debut with their own aspirations in their hearts.

The franchise includes 4 groups. Those are the following:



PROTOSTAR is a new idol group signed to sMiLea Production Agency.

The group consists of:

  • Akira Kiyose (CV: Kikunosuke Toya)
  • Banri Naoe (CV: Ryoutaro Yamaguchi)
  • Chihiro Isuzugawa (CV: Amon Hirai)



Legit is an idol trio signed to sMiLea Production Agency.

The group consists of:

  • Fuga Tougo (CV: Ryuichiro Sakata)
  • Eishiro Nijo (CV: Shinnosuke Morikage)
  • Daiki Takao (CV: Magura Sukegawa)


Jaxx Jaxx

JAXX/JAXX is a band consisting of 5 members and signed to sMiLea Production Agency.

The band consists of:

  • Kanata Morinomiya (CV: Gaku Takamoto)
  • Jun Wakasa (CV: Kousei Tsubokura)
  • Gakuto Haruka (CV: masa)
  • Izumi Kashii (CV: Takumi Magoshi)
  • Homare Katsura (CV: Yuki Shimomae)



AneLa is a former idol group of legendary status now owner of the talent agency sMiLea Production Agency, focusing on nurturing new idol talents.

The duo consists of:

SOURCE: UniteUp! website / UniteUp! official twitter account

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