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Junichi Suwabe is awarded at 2017 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards

Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards, annual event that features some of the most influential stars in Asia during a certain year based on statistics from Yahoo's search engine, has awarded Junichi Suwabe. Junichi Suwabe, 45, won the "Seiyuu Award" at 2017 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards. The veteran seiyuu couldn't attend the cerimony but went to his personal blog to thank everyone...

Mamoru Miyano, Hiroshi Kamiya, Shouta Aoi & Soma Saito top Otomart’s year-end poll

Otomart, company focused on selling otome/otaku goods, revealed the results to this year's poll - that covers favorite anime, characters, seiyuu and games. We take a look at the results for the "Hit Personality" category. Otomart conducted a poll from November 15 to 19, 2017. A total of 4.911 people, 4.462 of them female and 449 male, participated on this...

Ensemble Stars’ units Adam and Eve to release joint single in 2018

Adam and Eve, units from the popular smartphone idol game Ensemble Stars! are going to release a joint single! Adam and Eve will be working together as "Eden" for a special single. "Ensemble Stars! unit single CD Eden" is going to be released on 21/02/2018. The tracklist includes a total of 6 tracks - 1 as a unit, 1 for Adam, 1...

Newtype anime awards unveils Seiyuu Award results: Yuichiro Umehara wins the category

The results for Newtype anime awards 2016 -2017 "Seiyuu Award" are finally out. Among the various categories that include best anime, best soundtrack, the best voice actor category tends to be one in which competition is vicious. This year was no different. These are the results of Newtype anime awards 2016 -2017 "Best Seiyuu" category: 1 - Yuichiro Umehara 2 - Miyu Irino 3...

The results are in!

It's that time of the year, the time for the annual polls and us in The Hand That Feeds HQ decided to make our first ever readers powered poll - and what a poll! Our readers were put before an impossible task - to choose only 3 seiyuu that they think are the ones with the best singing voice....

VOTE NOW to feature your favorite male seiyuu in our annual TOP 15

Two years ago we made our first TOP 15 SEIYUU WITH THE BEST SINGING VOICE. Everyone's response to it was amazing (it's was our #1 searched article for more than a year, thanks guys), but at that time we kind of dropped the idea of making it an annual feature in our website as we were only starting off, and very few people...

TOP 10 Best Seiyuu unit music releases – 2014 EDITION

As we approach the end of 2014, we take a good look at this years' best seiyuu unit releases. This year had a lot of releases in that particular area, with Rejet's seiyuu units overpowering every other unit in terms of the number of releases per year. Lagrange Point released 2 singles and Marginal#4 released 3 singles and an album....

Top 20 Best male seiyuu units [PART 1]

Japan impresses in every single thing. Be it with their animation industry or even the music business, Japanese artists are always with their hands full with multiple projects at once and manage to excel in what they do. With that being said, seiyuu often deviate from their usual job (dubbing anime/commercials/movies) and many times are introduced to the music business...

Mamoru Miyano reveals title of his 10th single and new DVD release in 2014

It was announced today that「NEW ORDER」will be the title of Mamoru Miyano's 10th single release. This new single is scheduled to hit the stores on 19/02/2014 and will be featured as the opening theme for "Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life, 2nd Season" in which Mamoru will voice the main character. The anime is scheduled to start airing in Japan in January. Once again working...





Paradox Live TRAP

Review | Paradox Live “TRAP”

The Paradox Live franchise wraps the 1st half of songs released in the Stage Battle CD series in a powerful release filled with highlights.

Review | SOARA “HEART”

SOARA’s mature and nostalgic take on their trademark pop-rock sound shines in "HEART".


TRIGGER outdid themselves with the concept album "VALIANT". This is a statement, an intimate look at a group that has reinvented itself.

Review | Jin Ogasawara “Only one thing”

Jin Ogasawara brings a nostalgic brand of rock to the spotlight with his debut digital single "Only one thing".
Paradox Live Stage Battle VIBES

Review | BAE & Akkan Yatsura “Paradox Live Stage Battle VIBES”

BAE and Akkan Yatsura bring a refreshing mix of funky and laidback vibes in Paradox Live Stage Battle "VIBES".