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Hypnosis Mic to kick off 2nd Battle CD series in 2021

Hypnosis Mic's crews are going to kick off the 2nd Battle Season series in 2021 with pretty exciting matchups to look forward to.

Hiroyuki Yoshino to release new single in July

Hiroyuki Yoshino is gearing up for a comeback. The 6th single, currently untitled, is scheduled to be released on 31/07/2019 available...

Dear Vocalist THE BEST Rock Out!!! #2 TYPE B (Review)

Dear Vocalist Best Of album TYPE B revisits the franchise's best tracks as well as adds a new set of awesome new tracks with a fresh touch.

Review | Dear Vocalist THE BEST Rock Out!!! #2 TYPE A

Dear Vocalist THE BEST Rock Out!!! #2 Type A compiles some of the best tracks released by the members of the franchise, as well as it impresses with the new songs released.

Review | Knights “Ensemble Stars! Album Series Knights”

Knights push the envelope with a first album filled with exciting tunes and some of the best vocal performances in the Ensemble Stars' franchise.

SP!CA, Maten Rocket, Just 4 U, RayGlanZ and La-Veritta “Readyyy! Project 3rd” (Review)

SP!CA, Maten Rocket, Just 4 U, RayGlanZ and La-Veritta continue to grow before our eyes (and ears). For this release each unit took upon them the challenge of showcasing something different, and they passed it with flying colors.

Gaku Oguro “hematite” (Review)

The 11th entry in VAZZROCK's bi-color series brought passionate performances and a fancy blend of rock and...

[Oricon Monthly] Soma Saito, Re:vale, Utapri and more top charts in December

Oricon Monthly December 2018's final rankings are out. Let's take a look at the data. Albums #12 NEW ENTRY: Re:vale “Re:al Axis" Re:vale showed...

Switch “Ensemble Stars! Album Series Switch” (Review)

Switch bring back the funky and dance mood to their new album "Ensemble Stars! Album Series Switch".

Review | GRANRODEO “M.S COWBOY no Gyakushu”

GRANRODEO explored new territory and reinvented themselves at the same time for their first concept mini-album, M.S COWBOY no Gyakushu.
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