Nacht unveil cover art for “SHOOT THE STARS”

Frontier Works unveiled today the cover art for Nacht‘s upcoming debut single.

Nacht (pronounced “Nahato”), unit consisting of Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Daisuke Namikawa, Daisuke Hirakawa, Tasuku Hatanaka, Junichi SuwabeTakuya Sato and Daisuke Hirose is part of the recently released idol raising game “Maou-sama wo Produce“.

The unit is going to release their debut single “SHOOT THE STARS” on 25/05/2018, available in regular edition.

The cover art is the following:

The tracklist is the following:

2.SHOOT THE STARS (instrumental)
3.Original mini drama「魔王さまと午後のクッキング」

A preview of the title track can be found on Hobby Girls‘ official twitter account.

On CDJAPAN, first press editions come with the following bonus:

First Press Detail an illustrated card randomly selected from seven kinds

SHOOT THE STARS” is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN.

Shoot The Stars / Game Music
Game Music

SOURCE: Animate online shop / Maou Production official twitter account