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Marginal#4 “Star Cluster 2” (Review)

Marginal#4's "Star Cluster 2" is finally out. Rejet's seiyuu unit releases their second Best of since their debut back in 2013. In this overview of M#4's second half of 2014 in music, are we impressed or a bit underwhelmed? Album: “Star Cluster 2” Release date: 08/04/2015 Label: Rejet Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 01. 恋のAKQJ10(ロイヤルフラッシュ)! 02. CHU CHU LUV ▼ SCANDAL 03. DREAM★JUICER 04. HURRICANE X 05. 愛パラドックス 06. 熱愛(RED HOT)SAGA 07. SUPERNOVA-I'm HEADLINER!!!!- 08....

Marginal#4 “Star Cluster 2” – Final details revealed

Marginal#4 are back with a second Best Off album titled "Star Cluster 2" in April. Scheduled to be released on 08/04/2015 and titled "Star Cluster 2", the Best Off will feature the unit's most recent releases. This release will be available in three editions: Some of the tracks included in the album are the mind blowing "CHU CHU LUV♥SCANDAL", "熱愛SAGA" and the surprise of 2014...

Marginal#4 – New Best Off planned for April

Although it has been only a few months since we've last had news about the seiyuu unit, Marginal#4 finally breaks the silence and brings us exciting news. Rejet's seiyuu unit consisting of Takahashi Naozumi, KENN, Yuto Suzuki and Toshiki Masuda are back with their second Best Off album in only one year. Scheduled to be released on 08/04/2015, titled "Star Cluster 2",...

Marginal#4 “Bingo!!!!” (Review)

Marginal#4 try to close this year in a big way with their sixth single "Bingo!!!!". The seiyuu unit consisting of Naozumi Takahashi, KENN, Yuto Suzuki and Toshiki Masuda have once again gathered in the studio alongside the golden duo - Daisuke Iwasaki and MIKOTO. The result is what anyone wasn't expecting. A single where singers apparently sound lost, the instrumentals lack creativity...

Marginal#4 “Bingo!!!!” – Cover art unveiled [updated]

Marginal#4 have another release prepared for the end of this year. "Bingo!!!!" is the unit's sixth single and is scheduled to be released on 17/12/2014, available in three editions. The cover art for each edition has been finally unveiled on Marginal#4's official website and is the following:   The tracklist is the following: 1 - Bingo!!!! (vocal: Naozumi Takahashi, KENN, Toshiki Masuda, Yuto Suzuki) 2...

Marginal#4 announce their 6th single

The end of the year is closing in but Marginal#4 still have plans to release yet another single by the end of this year. The seiyuu unit consisting of Naozumi Takahashi, Toshiki Masuda, KENN and Yuto Suzuki are back after the release of "Red Hot Saga" back in September. This is the unit's 3rd release this year and the one...





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Impish Crow DIG-ROCK - dice - Type IC

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Neo X Lied Vol.4

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