Yuu Hayashi publishes 1st photo essay book “SU”

Yuu Hayashi, talented seiyuu and SCREEN mode’s frontman, released his first essay book “SU”.

Yuu Hayashi Photo Essay SU (林勇フォトエッセイ 素【SU】) was published on 28/11/2022.

The cover is the following:

The photobook is going to be published in collaboration with Genko Co..

Below are the themes in this essay (in Japanese):

1 -【林勇ヒストリー(前編)】子役時代を振り返る
2 -【林勇ヒストリー(後編)】“声優”と“音楽”ふたつの夢
3 - SCREEN modeは修行の場
4 - 林勇を作ってくれた音楽たち
5 - 僕が憧れる“スゴイ”アーティスト
6 - 僕にとっての“歌うこと”とは?
7 - 今も変わらない東原小学校の思い出
8 - 座間の思い出と僕のマブダチ
9 - バイト時代の横浜ソウルフード
10 - YouTubeがピンチをチャンスに変えてくれた
11 - 僕のダイエット&筋トレ方法、教えます
12 - 進化する! 林勇オリジナル麻婆豆腐
13 - 「ゾーン」をめざして!
14 - リスペクトしている先輩、そして仲間たち
15 - 愛すべき賢プロダクション

This is a book full of humorous masterpiece essays, from recollections of childhood to secret stories of the limbo between voice acting and music activities, disclosure of self-taught mapo tofu recipe, and friendships in the seiyuu world.

In addition, there are 140 new photos taken at his alma mater elementary school, and nostalgic places where he played around as a child. It is a book where you can see the bright, straight, and powerful Yuu Hayashi.

The photo essay comes as well with comments by fellow seiyuu and singers Mamoru Miyano and Toshiyuki Toyonaga.

Yuu Hayashi Photo Essay SU is unavailable for purchase at CDJAPAN. You can find it on Amazon Japan (ships internationally).


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