Yuto Uemura joins Twitter

Yuto Uemura

The talented seiyuu – bread expert -, actor and SparQlew’s leader is now on Twitter!

Yuto Uemura, multi-talented voice actor, actor and SparQlew‘s leader, has joined Twitter today!

Fellow male seiyuu Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Tsubasa Yonaga, Ryohei Kimura, Takuya Eguchi, Natsuki Hanae and Nobunaga Shimazaki (by now, the “unofficial” official seiyuu twitter account voucher) and more gave a warm welcome to Uemura in this new adventure.

If you are on Twitter, make sure to follow and welcome Yuto Uemura in this new adventure of his.

On another note: SparQlew, quintet led by Uemura himself, recently rose on the charts with their 2nd full-length album, evergreen, claiming #1 on iTunes.

SparQlew are also gearing up for comeback with the single, Helvetica.

SOURCE: Yuto Uemura official twitter account