Yuto Suzuki and Yuki Fujiwara join star studded cast for upcoming play

Seiyuu Yuto Suzuki and stage actor/seiyuu Yuki Fujiwara were announced earlier this month as part of the star studded cast for an upcoming reading theatre play.

MAG.play reported that both Suzuki and Fujiwara were joining 「風の又三郎・よだかの星」(Kaze no Matasaburou Yodaka no hoshi), part of the 極上文學 (Exquisite Literature) series. This is the 12th play part of the series, previous ones included, for example, “Yabu no Naka” with Shouta Aoi, Yuki Fujiwara, Kensho Ono and Kenjiro Tsuda.

The reading theatre play will be on stage starting from 08/03/2017 until 13/03/2018. The cast counts with Judai Shirakasi, Takeru Naya, Taiga Fukazawa, Kairi Miura, Hidekazu Ichinose and Yuichi Matsumoto. More actors are expected to join the cast.

Information about tickets and locations can be found on Gekijooo‘s official website.


SOURCE: Natalie.mu / MAG.play official twitter account / Gekijooo official website