Yusuke Shirai to publish photo essay book this month

Yusuke Shirai

Yusuke Shirai is going to release his 1st ever photo essay book this month.

Shirai Yusuke 1st Photo Essay “Nantoka Naru sa” (白井悠介1stフォトエッセイ『なんとかなるさ』), including the serialization corner that Yusuke Shirai has been writing for Da Vinci News website, is going to be published as a photo essay book on 22/10/2020.

The cover art is the following:

Shirai goes over his move from his hometown, Nagano, to Tokyo, How he attended 4 voice actor schools before debuting as well as his late debut in the seiyuu industry and his most recent debut as a YouTuber.

Other contents include: his life as a kid and what made him decide to be a voice actor, his part-times while living in Tokyo, his professional debut as a voice actor, 1st recording, and other memories.

This photo essay book also contains a large number of newly taken photographs based on the popular serialization of the website Da Vinci News.

Additionally, this photo essay includes 2 special talks featuring two guests, the comedian and announcer, Yuki Iwai and fellow voice actor Kento Ito.

Shirai Yusuke 1st Photo Essay “Nantoka Naru sa” is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.