Yusuke Shirai and Shugo Nakamura to be featured on Seiyuu Hyakunen Shokudo vol.1

There is a new seiyuu variety DVD series around the corner, Seiyuu Hyakunen Shokudo.

声優百年食堂 (Seiyuu Hyakunen Shokudo) vol.1 is going to be released on 19/07/2019 on DVD.

Yusuke Shirai and Shugo Nakamura visited Saitama for this DVD.

The cover is the following:

A couple of promotional photos are out.

As well as several promotional and behind the scenes videos.


Seiyuu Hyakunen Shokudo vol.1 is currently unavailable for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Source: Seiyuu Hyakunen Shokudo official twitter account