Yusuke Shirai and Masahiro Yamanaka’s “Airaji DVD Kirameki Date” to be sold to the general public

Yusuke Shirai and Masahiro Yamanaka‘s new variety DVD is going to be released to the general public.

Yusuke Shirai and Masahiro Yamanaka‘s “Airaji DVDKirameki Mission” is going to be released to the general public (was pre-released last week at Comiket).

Airaji DVD Kirameki Mission” is going to be released on 28/09/2018. The duo was joined by Junta Terashima for bowling.

The cover is the following:

Airaji DVD Kirameki Mission” is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Airaji DVD Kirameki Mission / Masahiro Yamanaka, Yusuke Shirai
Masahiro Yamanaka, Yusuke Shirai

Source: Radio Tomo