Yuma Uchida’s “Koemeshi”: New DVD to be released this year

Yuma Uchida‘s variety show “Koemeshi” is going to have another volume released on DVD.

Uchida Yuma no Koemeshi” is a variety show in which Uchida puts to test his gourmet skills. Through various challenges, Uchida visits various places around Japan in order to make the best possible meal to satisfy his hunger (the show’s premise is that he goes on those trips on an empty stomach).

The first volume of the show was released earlier this year on 02/03/2017. The second volume of the show was announced this month. The new volume is going to be on sale on 01/12/2017.

The second volume is exclusively available for pre-order on ai2 shop. Animate, CDJAPAN and other online stores don’t have this DVD in stock. If something changes about this we’ll update this news.

SOURCE: Animate Times / Koemeshi official twitter account / Koemeshi official website