Yuma Uchida “Rainbow” (Review)

yuma uchida rainbow

Yuma Uchida‘s embraces winter with the cozy and funky single, Rainbow.

yuma uchida rainbow cover
Regular edition
Title: Rainbow
Release date: 27/11/2019 
Genre: Pop/R&B


02.Kiss Hug
03.Merry Christmas
04.Rainbow off vocal ver.
05.Kiss Hug off vocal ver.
06.Merry Christmas  off vocal ver.

Track by track analysis:

1 – Rainbow

An acoustic guitar and slow paced drums create a warm, whole band sound for Rainbow. The track is big on its bass sound, with it driving the song, making for a groovy background to Yuma Uchida’s sweet, belting vocals.

The piano melody is bright but exaggeratedly so which only contributes for this song to stand out even in its quiet fashion. This instrumental says it all, this is a feel good song.

On the vocal end, Uchida delivers a unique delicate performance, as if he is lullabying the listener or whispering, something that is much due to how much falsetto he is using in his performance.

His mid-tones are sweet, contributing for the song’s warm vibe. Oddly satisfying song with a gentle performance that was performance to showcase Uchida’s skills on the vocal end.

2 – Kiss Hug 

Kiss Hug brings to the table funk and disco done in a tasteful, laidback fashion. Brass set the tone to this track as a groovy slap bass line and funky guitar riffs add a danceable dimension to this song.

Aside from the noticeable funk and disco influences this song has also R&B touches, particularly in the way the instrumental is structured, something that we can easily find on late 90s R&B music.

On the vocal end, Yuma Uchida pulls his bag of tricks and delivers a groovy performance with R&B riffing, a whole lot of falsetto, all with a consistency and quality that makes his performance stand out. 

3 – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas is the festive track on this release, adding yet another warm layer to this already incredibly cozy single. Jazz and funk blend with electronica – vocal manipulation and atmospheric synths – to create a unique, groovy song.

The verses are stripped down, with drums, bass and a rhodes piano being responsible for its sweet yet strangely alluring vibe. The chorus picks up and brings strings, brass and funky/blues-y guitar riffs to the table, making the chorus incredibly catchy.

There is some vocals manipulation going on in this track but nothing that hinders the whole experience. Muffled vocals or auto-tuned bits in the intro is all you will find of manipulation.

When it comes to clean, R&B-ish vocals, Yuma Uchida dazzles. High notes, falsetto, R&B riffing and a whole lot of groove make this performance the perfect track to wrap up this release with.

Final considerations

R&B continues to play a big role in Yuma Uchida‘s but funk is already finding its way into his repertoire. Rainbow is cozy through and through. It exudes a warm, comfortable vibe that is instantly welcoming, especially at this time of the year.

From the acoustic melodies in Rainbow, beautiful title track that initiates the listener in the warm vibe that will take over, to the playfulness of jazz and funk in Kiss Hug and the sweetness of the R&B-ish Merry Christmas, this is, in my opinion, Yuma Uchida‘s most consistent release.

The vibe is the same although the themes explored are not the same, there is consistency in the instrumentals across songs, there is no disruptive track – rock or whatever other music genre that would not fit with the “cozy” theme -and the vocals are simply great. This release is going to feel incredibly brief despite running for 13 minutes. But the warmth remains.

All in all, Rainbow is Yuma Uchida‘s best single to date. There are no faults to point out and we will refrain from writing an essay on it. Make sure to check it if you haven’t already, this is a must listen release.

Rainbow is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Kiss Hug
Merry Christmas
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