Yukihiro Nozuyama to release 1st photobook in April

Yukihiro Nozuyama is going to release his 1st photobook. 

Yukihiro Nozuyama, best known for his work as Fling Posse’s Dice Arisugawa in the Hypnosis Mic franchise, announced the release of his 1st photobook in collaboration with the pop culture magazine, Febri.

めっちゃのづやねん。(Metcha Nozuyanen) is scheduled to be released on 10/04/2019.

A couple of previews were released.

Two events are planned to celebrate the release of めっちゃのづやねん。(Metcha Nozuyanen). For detailed info on both events, please check these links – HMV Shibuya and HMV SHINSAIBASHI.

More details on this photobook are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months.