Yuki “Sennen saki mo zutto…” (Review)

The 12 SONGS GIFT series wraps up neatly with Yuki’s sentimental entry.

Title: 千年先もずっと... 
Label: Lantis 
Release date: 24/12/2018 
Genre: Ballad


1 - 千年先もずっと...

Track analysis:

1 –  千年先もずっと… 

The 12 SONGS GIFT series comes full circle, kicking off with a ballad and ending exactly on the same emotional tone. Sennen saki mo zutto… is a ballad with a sweet instrumental and delicate vocal performance that will make this a rather emotional listen. Acoustic guitars, melancholic piano melodies, sweet strings melodies and slow paced, snare-driven drums make the bulk of this instrumental. Bringing acoustic elements to the table is a sound choice for any ballad, especially this kind of ballad that channels a bit of the Winter Season. When listening to this song you’ll notice both on the instrumental and the lyrics warmth with an undertone of melancholy. There are some small details found in the instrumental but the most noticeable or, at least, the fanciest, is the music box melody playing in the background, another element that brings a nostalgic touch to this song.

On top of this instrumental comes one of the sweetest performances in the 12 SONGS GIFT. Shinnosuke Tachibana is well versed in ballads – please check his work with ELEKITER ROUND 0 – but it had been a while since he’d given such a consistent and impressive performance as this one. His heartfelt performance added that bit of emotion that only the vocals could channel to this song.

All in all, this is a beautiful song that will resonate with the listener. To those fans of ballads, this will be a treat. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the gentleness in Tachibana’s vocals and with how such a simple instrumental can pack such an emotion punch as it does. Sennen saki mo zutto… wraps up the 12 SONGS GIFT series in the best note possible.

Final rating:

This song is available for purchase via iTunes US and digital stores across Japan.

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