Yuki Kaji’s book “Itsuka Subete ga Kimi no Chikara ni Naru” sells over 50.000 copies

Yuki Kaji‘s book “Itsuka Subete ga Kimi no Chikara ni Naru” is impressing everyone in Japan with its latest feat.

Kaji wrote “Itsuka Subete ga Kimi no Chikara ni Naru” (いつかすべてが君の力になる), book in which mentioned the struggles and issues he had to deal with early on in his career, tips for newcomers or aspiring seiyuu, as well as a look at his passion for his job as a seiyuu.

This is a book aimed at teenagers or those interested in the seiyuu business and is, according to several fellow seiyuu that have read it, incredibly easy to understand as everything was written in fairly simple and clear language.

kaji book

The book was released in May and since then it has sold over 50.000 copies. He’s the first seiyuu to sell this much as a writer/author. Kaji event went to his twitter account yesterday to thank everyone for the continuous support for his book.

The book topped Kawade‘s book chart as soon as it was released and ever since it occupies its #1 spot on their weekly chart.

Kawade’s chart for 08/06/2018

Congratulations are in order to Kaji‘s impressive feat!

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SOURCE: Yuki Kaji official twitter account / Kawade