Yuki Kaji and Tomokazu Seki open Youtube channels

Seiyuu youtube channels - Yuki Kaji, Tomokazu Seki

Double header for seiyuu fans as both Yuki Kaji and Tomokazu Seki opened their own official Youtube channels.

Creating Youtube channels has been a trend among seiyuu. After Toriumi Kousuke, Ryohei Kimura and Yusuke Shirai‘s announcements in the last couple of months, it is time for two more seiyuu to join in the fun, creating content for their fans.

Yuki Kaji announced the opening of his Youtube channel. This is something that he is doing after consulting with other seiyuu already on the platform.

You can check below the first video he released on his channel.

At the same time, veteran seiyuu and stage actor, Tomokazu Seki joined in Youtube. He released a quirky radio exercise video on his channel.

SOURCE: Yuki Kaji official twitter account / Tomokazu Seki official youtube channel