Yuki Kaji to grace the cover of “Seiyuu Radio no Jikan Single”

Yuki Kaji graces the cover of the upcoming issue of “Seiyuu Radio no Jikan Single“. Koutaro NishiyamaKouki Uchiyama and Mitsuo Iwata are also part of the lineup.

Yuki Kaji graces the cover of “Seiyuu Radio no Jikan Single“, magazine focused on conveying the charms of seiyuu as radio personalities.
The cover is the following:
Featured on this issue is also Koutaro Nishiyama with his radio show 西山宏太朗が叶えたい次なる夢。(The next dream that Nishiyama Kotaro wants to fulfill.).
Kouki Uchiyama is part of the “Listener voice actor” corner, sharing his experiences as a radio listener and how he changed his opinion from not liking to loving radio.
Mitsuo Iwata is featured on a special interview titled “Seiyuu=The idea of radio“.
This issue of Seiyuu Radio no Jikan Single drops on 07/02/2018.

At the moment, this issue is not available for pre-order on CDJAPAN.

Source: Amazon Japan