Yuki Kaji unveils details on en.365°’s goods and looks photobooks

Details on the goods and looks photobooks for Yuki Kaji’s apparel brand, en.365°, are out.

Yuki Kaji celebrates his 15th anniversary as a seiyuu in 2020. To celebrate this important date, Kaji announced the launch of his own apparel brand, en.365°.

The values behind this apparel brand are “edge” and “circle of people”, values that reflect Kaji’s.

en.365° will sell comfortable clothes that you can wear all year around – thus the “365” in the brand’s name. Kaji ensured that all clothes reflect his fashion tastes and personality and that he was an active part in the creative process by choosing the materials and designing drafts for his items.

On 21/02/2020, a look book titled en.365° PHOTO BOOK is going to be released featuring Yuki Kaji modelling his brand’s clothes and other items.

The photobook is going to count with 128 pages is B5-sized.

A goods book titled en.365° MESSENGER BAG BOOK Produced by YUKI KAJI is also going to be released on the same date.

This book is going to count with 16-pages of content and is A4-sized.

For more details on Kaji’s apparel brand, please refer to the websites below.

en.365° PHOTO BOOK is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Yuki Kaji official twitter account / en.365º official website / Dengeki Online

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  1. No problem! I really wanted to share the news (but got too friggin’ tired of updating my own blog) so I was so happy to see you cover it (≧艸≦*) I’ll take the liberty of sharing this link if this topic comes up again!
    I honestly hope he’s at least had the time to hold his wedding ceremony or go for a honeymoon break since he’s expressed how much he looked up to them before.
    Virgos relate, huh (´ж`;) But really, please take good care of yourself too, midori!

  2. Thanks for picking this up, Midori! But I’m pretty sure that the Photobook is going to count 128 pages (as noted: https://twitter.com/brandmook/status/1227891973840719872 ). The 16-page book is a different product attached as a bonus with the Messenger Bag.

    So excited for Kaji’s 2020 ୧☉□☉୨ Just when I thought he’s less busy with events this year… it appears that he’s just other agendas like this and the live drama to his schedules -.-;





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