Yoshitaka Yamaya and Tomohito Takatsuka to release first variety DVD

Yoshitaka Yamaya and Tomohito Takatsuka are going to release their first variety DVD in a couple of days.

Yoshitaka Yamaya and Tomohito Takatsuka, Glass Slipper‘s hosts, are going to release their first variety DVD.

Café Glass Slipper e yokoso 〜 Ryouri ni chousen-hen 〜” is going to be released on 10/08/2018, available at Comiket. For this DVD, the duo showed their cooking skills in a variety of challenges.

The cover is the following:

It isn’t confirmed whether the DVD is going to be made available at noixshop for those that won’t be able to attend this year’s Comiket.

Source: Radio Tomo