Yoshimasa Hosoya’s Hoshokai performance to be streamed

In April, Yoshimasa Hosoya participated in Hoshokai, a unique Noh reading play. If you missed this, you finally have a chance to watch his performance.

Hoshokai, school of Hosho-style Noh – one of the oldest and most respected Noh schools in Japan – held a special Noh + live reading event at Hosho Style in Tokyo on 24/04/2020.

Yoshimasa Hosoya contributed with live reading for the special Noh play in what was a unique performance.

Now, Hoshokai is going to be streamed on Noh Life Online on 11/07/2020.

This is a paid platform in which fans will get to choose between the 80 minute performance or a special 116 minute performance + talk corner.

A preview of Hosoya’s performance is out.

For more details on this unique reading play and its livestream, please refer to the official website (link below).

Source: Noh Life Online store (1)