Yoshimasa Hosoya to produce and host his first variety show

Yoshimasa Hosoya is gearing up to host his very first variety show.

僕のみぞ知る世界 (Boku nomi zo shiru sekai) is the title of Yoshimasa Hosoya‘s first endeavor as a variety show host and producer.

Episodes of the variety show are scheduled to be broadcasted biweekly on Nico Nico and Youtube. The 1st episode is broadcasted on July 1, 2019 at 21h00 JST.

The first 3 episodes will be free to watch, after the 3rd episode, only parts of the show are going to be freely distributed on Youtube and Nico Nico. With a Nico Nico subscription fans will have full access to all episodes.

The variety show is going to be presented in radio format. There are plans to bring guests to talk about topics not covered in entertainment such as urban legends, philosophy and science.

The popular seiyuu has also joined twitter through the show’s official account. You can follow the official twitter account HERE.

Source: Dreamnews