Yoshiki Nakajima to attend TOKI’s BD 2020

Shunichi Toki

Shunichi Toki has interesting news about his upcoming no-audience birthday event, TOKI’s BD 2020.

Seiyuu and solo artist Shunichi Toki turned 31 on 07/05/2020 however, his originally planned birthday event set to be held in May ended up changing format and was, instead, held as a special live radio broadcast.

TOKI'S BD 2020

TOKI’s BD 2020 was scheduled to be held at Yamano Hall in Tokyo on 08/08/2020 however, due to the recent rise in the number of people infected with Coronavirus in Japan, the Japanese government decided to tighten the rules for live events, leading to yet another wave of cancellations.

TOKI’s BD 2020 is going to be a no-audience live, set to be held on 23/08/2020 at 18:00 JST.

Fellow male seiyuu Yoshiki Nakakima is confirmed as the guest for this event.

Since this is going to be a streamed event, PONY CANYON made tickets for it available on their official stores for overseas fans as well – with a checkout in English to make everything flow well.

On another note: Shunichi Toki unveiled details on his 1st mini-album, True Gazer.

SOURCE: Shunichi Toki official twitter account