X.I.P to release “Naughty !!!” this March

L->R (Takuya Eguchi, Satoshi Hino, Kousuke Toriumi)
L->R (Takuya Eguchi, Satoshi Hino, Kousuke Toriumi)

X.I.P , seiyuu unit originated from Android/iOS game “Tokimeki Restaurant” and consisting of Satoshi Hino, Kousuke Toriumi and Takuya Eguchi have their first release scheduled to hit the stores on 26/03/2014. This is the first single release from the fictional idol band this time under the giant label Sony Music Entertainment.

L->R Kanzaki Toru (Takuya Eguchi), Date Kyoya (Kousuke Toriumi), Fuwa Kento (Satoshi Hino)
Kanzaki Toru (Takuya Eguchi), Date Kyoya (Kousuke Toriumi), Fuwa Kento (Satoshi Hino)

The idol unit has previously released two songs “E->MOTION” and “Cheat Dancer” which were well received by the fans and otome gamers in Japan and overseas.



Dressed in a robust, sexy and aggressive pop, X.I.P comes as the best idol unit from “Tokimeki Restaurant” with a very solid group of good seiyuu singers and with songs that aren’t as “corny” as you could maybe expect from a fictional idol unit in a women-driven game (otome game) but they impress with that aggressiveness and sensuality in the lyrics so this is a big announcement for those who have been expecting something like this for a while.

Titled “Naughty !!!“, the single is available in two different editions: regular and limited edition. The regular edition comes with a first press bonus (another jacket on CDJAPAN) and the limited edition comes with a DVD with the PV and other bonus still unknown.

The tracklist is yet to be revealed but we already know that the single contains 3 tracks and the respective 3 instrumental to a total of 6 tracks. Cover art is still unknown.

The single is available for preorder on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

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