X.I.P “Naughty !!!” – Cover art and tracklist revealed

L->R (Takuya Eguchi, Satoshi Hino, Kousuke Toriumi)
L->R (Takuya Eguchi, Satoshi Hino, Kousuke Toriumi)

X.I.P , seiyuu unit originated from Android/iOS game “Tokimeki Restaurant” and consisting of Satoshi Hino, Kousuke Toriumi and Takuya Eguchi are going to release their first single titled “Naughty!!!” on 26/03/2014 and now more information has surfaced regarding this release. 

L->R Kanzaki Toru (Takuya Eguchi), Date Kyoya (Kousuke Toriumi), Fuwa Kento (Satoshi Hino)

Titled “Naughty !!!“, the single is available in two different editions: regular and limited edition. The regular edition comes with a first press bonus (another jacket and a postcard on CDJAPAN) and the limited edition comes with a DVD. Now both the tracklist and the cover art have been revealed.

First Press Detail an another jacket randomly selected from four kinds
External Bonus postcard(s)

The cover art is the following:


The tracklist is the following:

1:『CHEAT DANCER』Date Kyoya (Center/lead Version)
2:『E→motion』Fuwa Kento (Center/lead Version)
3:『Power Move』Kanzaki (Center/lead Version) 
4:『CHEAT DANCER』 (instrumental)
6:『Power Move』(instrumental)

[DVD] – Limited Edition

1. Tokimeki Restaurant ☆☆☆ Game PV
2.「CHEAT DANCER」Music Video (Short ver.)
4.「E→motion」Music Video (Short ver.)
5.「VS Live LOVE motion TOUR 」CM
6.「Farewell Snow」「Power Move」CM

The single is available for preorder on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.