WAVE!! anime to premiere in January 2021

After the 3 movies released in October, WAVE!!‘s anime is now set to premiere in 2021!

What is WAVE!!

WAVE!! is a mixed media project that puts focus on surf – sport that is included for the first time as an Olympic sport at the now postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics – through music releases, anime, radio, apps, events and other media.

This project was created by LOVE&ART (behind B-PROJECT and Hi!Superb) in partnership with Surf Magazine, NSA Surf, bayfm78 and Murasaki Sports, and counts with character designs by Yomi Sarachi (Arcana Famiglia, POSSESSION MAGENTA, Band Yarouze!, etc).

WAVE!! is, in its essence, a story about surfing and building friendships with others that share the same love for the sport. The story is set in Ibaraki Prefecture.

The cast counts with Tomoaki MaenoNobuhiko OkamotoYoshiki NakajimaTakuya SatoYusuke ShiraiShunichi TokiShowtaro Morikubo and Jin Ogasawara.

In 2019, at WAVE!! 1st EVENT 〜 Wonderful Party〜, it was announced that the franchise was getting its own anime.

WAVE!! counted with 3 movies released in 2020. A smartphone game is in development, set to be released in Winter 2020.

The anime

WAVE!! anime is set to premiere in January 11, 2021.

The 3 movies opened in theatres in Japan in October 2020 and will now be adapted into an anime series.

The promotional video is out.

New music

Namimori Boys

Naminori Boys are going to perform the opening for the series titled “Shigeki Surfer Boy” and the ending theme song titled “One More Chance, One Ocean“.

Shigeki Surfer Boy / One More Chance, One Ocean is scheduled to be released on 20/01/2021, available in regular and limited editions.

The tracklist is the following:

1 - 刺激サーファーボーイ!
2 - One more chance, One Ocean
3 - MINI DRAMA「ゲレンデはワクワクでいっぱい!?」
4 - 刺激サーファーボーイ!-Off Vocal-
5 - One more chance, One Ocean-Off Vocal-

The sub-units

The sub-units are also back with new music. A total of 3 releases – 1 for each sub-unit – are planned to be released on 24/02/2021.

Those are the following:

BEAT BLUE BEAT is performed by Ooarai Torai (Tomoaki Maeno, Jin Ogasawara, Yoshiki Nakajima) and is available in regular and limited editions.

The tracklist is the following:

2 - One more chance, One Ocean (Ooarai Torai ver.)
3 - SURFDAYS (Ooarai Torai ver.)
4 - BEAT BLUE BEAT-Off Vocal-

波の向こう (Nami no Mukou) is performed by mmm (Takuya Sato, Yusuke Shirai, Shunichi Toki) and is available in regular and limited editions.

The tracklist is the following:

1 - 波の向こう
2 - One more chance, One Ocean (mmm ver.)
3 - SURFDAYS (mmm ver.)
4 - 波の向こう-Off Vocal-

Alone with … is performed by Proud of Surf Junkie (Nobuhiko Okamoto and Showtaro Morikubo) and is available in regular and limited editions.

The tracklist is the following:

1 - Alone with …
2 - One more chance, One Ocean (Proud of Surf Junkie ver.)
3 - SURFDAYS (Proud of Surf Junkie ver.)
4 - Alone with …-Off Vocal-

More details on each of these releases are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

SOURCE: WAVE official website (music) / Pash+

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