Readyyy! Project preview new songs through special videos

Readyyy! Project released today previews to all the new songs included in the upcoming single release.

Just 4 U, La-Veritta, RayGlanZ, Maten Rocket and SP!CA are going to release a second single. Just like the previous one, this single is going to be an exclusive at next month’s live event.

The tracklist is the following:

  1. SP!CA ~Blue Light Stars~ (SP!CA)
  2. スタートライン (Maten Rocket)
  3. DOKI DOKI (Just 4U)
  4. すきだ (RayGlanZ)
  5. COLOR (La-Veritta)

The songs were all premiered at Readyyy!‘s Gold Stage Vol 1. ~Bokura, Ashita nimukatte utaimasu!~, event held last month.

Readyyy! released previews to all new songs including a brief commentary by each group. Check the videos below.

This CD is going to be available for purchase on 03/06/2018 at Gold Stage Vol 3. ~Bokura, Amanimomakezu omotenashi shimasu!~, event to be held at Yomiuri Hall in Tokyo. For more information on this event please refer to this article.

SOURCE: Readyyy! official website / Readyyy! official twitter account