Wataru Hatano “Online” Live 2020 -ReIntro- to be released on BD/DVD

Wataru Hatano

Wataru Hatano is going to release his recent no-audience live on BD/DVD.

Wataru Hatano held the no-audience live 6 months, Wataru Hatano “Online” Live 2020 -ReIntro-, via SUPERLIVE by OPENREC (Japanese online streaming platform) on 04/09/2020.

For those that missed it or that want to relive the live show, Hatano announced the release of Wataru Hatano “Online” Live 2020 -ReIntro- on Blu-ray and DVD on 26/02/2021.

The setlist is the following:

1 - フワリフワリ
2 - Hikari
3 - Braver.
4 - 流星飛行
5 - ハートシグナル
6 - BAND Inst feat. You Only Live Once
7 - オモイノカタチ
8 - わすれもの
9 - アソシエイト
10 - Sing and Dance!
11 - I'm a Voice Actor
12 - Re Intro
13 - Never End! Summer! [ENCORE]
14 - トークコーナー [ENCORE]
16 - はじまりの日に~Album Ver~ [ENCORE]
17 - カーテンコール [ENCORE]
18 - エンドロール [ENCORE]


1 - Mach 1.67
2 - 幸せでいて (Gaku Yaotome's solo track in TRIGGER's full-length album, REGALITY)

A note that, according to what is mentioned on Hatano’s official website, the contents in this release aren’t definitive and can change up until its release.

More details on this release are going to be available in the upcoming months.

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SOURCE: Wataru Hatano official website