Review | Wataru Hatano “Never End! Summer!”

Wataru Hatano

Wataru Hatano‘s Never End! Summer! wraps up summer on the best note.

Title: Never End! Summer!
Release date: 16/09/2020 
Label: AVEX 
Genre: Pop


1 – Never End! Summer!

Track analysis:

1 – Never End! Summer!

Wataru Hatano is back with new music, this time around his first ever digital single, Never End! Summer!. If you are already nostalgic about the summer, this song will certainly put you back in summer mood.

The instrumental counts with hyped up synths, bass-drum centric drums, exciting guitar riffs, creating an energetic, rather youthful and catchy sound.

A clap track and chants are also added, adding interactivity to this song. I am sure that this track will work insanely well on a live setting, especially as an encore track to to hype up the crowd.

The chorus is addictive and simple, showcasing a tasteful balance between the synths – that might be a bit overwhelming when the song kicks off – and the live classic rock band elements.

I am particularly found of how deep and warm the drums sound. The focus on its bass sound – bass drum and toms – made the instrumental stand out for me.

When it comes to the vocals, Wataru Hatano goes for an energetic and hopeful performance. You can feel the excitement in his voice, it is as if he is recalling good memories of a summer and channeling those so that those rub off on the listener.

Sweet vibrato adds a bit of flair throughout the track, being a really nice touch to a song that seemed like it’d go more on the goofy way but ended up being a mature take on peppy pop.

All in all, Wataru Hatano’s Never End! Summer! is a carefree, bubbly pop song that is meant to put a smile on the listener’s face.

It certainly took me back to a good summer – we all know that 2020’s summer was… well, spent at home -, filled with good vibes and a lot of warmth overflowing it.

Nice addition to his repertoire.


Wataru Hatano goes for a sweet summer-inspired song with "Never End! Summer!". This mature take on peppy pop music and the fact that the whole instrumental is pretty self contained - never letting the synths run amok - make this song a pretty enjoyable listen. If you want to recall good summer memories, this song might do the trick for ya.


Never End! Summer!
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