VS AMBIVALENZ: High Stakes Audition 2D Music Project

And the 7th 2D music project announced in 2021 is here. An ambitious concept and interesting cast welcome you to VS AMBIVALENZ.


VS AMBIVALENZ is a 2D music project by NIZISTA (best known for HANDEAD ANTHEM). It has a pretty unique format in which only 7 out of the 14 members will make it to the final group.

And in charge of deciding who makes it to the group is you, the listener.


–You or Me.

In 2021, the legendary entertainment company REISEN Productions held an audition called VS AMBIVALENZ to form an idol group WITH seven MEMBERS.

Of the 130,000 applicants, 14 were selected. The final audition is… “It’s one or the other“.

Throughout the year, the two men, who have been entrusted with the same responsibility, compete, and only those who have gained more support than their rivals can make their debut.

“I’ll stand there — I’ll be sure to!’

The story of 14 idol candidates who seek the idols’ spotlight and pursue infinite possibilities begins now.

The cast

VS AMBIVALENZ has an interesting cast that mixes experienced seiyuu with up-and-coming talents.

The cast includes Shintaro Asanuma, Makoto Furukawa, Chiaki Kobayashi, Reiou Tsuchida, Tasuku Hatanaka, Kengo Kawanishi and Ayumu Murase.

All seiyuu lend their voice to 2 characters in this franchise. And 1 of the characters each seiyuu voices will not make it to the final group.

The characters are the following:

TAIYO/SUBARU (CV: Reiou Tsuchida)

A promotional video is out.

ISSEI/MIO (CV: Kengo Kawanishi)

A promotional video is out.

JINTARO/CION (CV: Chiaki Kobayashi)

A promotional video is out.

NAGOMU/CUC (CV: Shintaro Asanuma)

A promotional video is out.

39YEAH↗/REY (CV: Makoto Furukawa)

A promotional video is out.

AUGURI/FUTABA (CV: Ayumu Murase)

A promotional video is out.

LION/KAZU (CV: Tasuku Hatanaka)

A promotional video is out.

INAMOTO (Guide and manager voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto)


The voting is rather simple for this one. You need to either have a LINE or Twitter account to vote.

Voting is made through VS AMBIVALENZ’s official website and there you have to choose 1 idol of each color to advance to the final group.

You can vote once per day.

The first voting kicks off on September 23rd and closes on September 29th.

The results of this first voting will be preliminary and not immediately decide the final group (voting intentions will be cumulative so, after all voting sessions – no one knows how many will be – votes will be counted and the 7 most voted idols will be chosen for the final group).


VS AMBIVALENZ‘s theme song “Go My Own Way” is featured in the promotional video released this week. The song is performed by all 14 characters.

You can check it out in the video below.

According to NIZISTA, the Season 1 of CDs will kick off in December 2021 (4 CDs planned so far), with more details being announced in the upcoming months.

For more details on this project – including voice samples and character profiles – please refer to VS AMBIVALENZ’s official website (link below).

SOURCE: VS AMBIVALENZ official website

Last updated on 28/09/2021 (member videos)

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