Voting open for “Most Valuable Seiyuu” at the 18th Seiyu Awards

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Seiyuu Awards opened the voting for their “Most Valuable Seiyu” category at the 18th Seiyu Awards. Check the guide on how to vote on the seiyuu you think has been the most valuable in the past year.

It’s that time of the year again! Time for the voting on the Most Valuable Seiyuu category at the Seiyuu Awards!

MVS or Most Valuable Seiyu is a relatively new category in the Seiyuu Awards, having been added for the first time in the 14th edition. Last year’s winner was Takuya Eguchi.

Fans get to vote on the seiyuu they think has been the most active (anime, variety, radio, games, dubbing, drama CDs, music, etc.) in the past year (October 1, 2022, up until September 30, 2023).

This category will be solely determined through fan voting so vote away – but remember that only 1 vote per account, per platform, is counted towards the vote tally – and spread the word about it with fellow seiyuu fans.

If you vote more than once, the votes do not count. And forget VPNs, those do not work as well. So 1 vote for 1 seiyuu per platform. That’s a total of 2 votes.

Quick guidelines:

  • The voting is open from September 1 to October 31, 2023.
  • You can VOTE ONLY ONCE at Seiyuu Awards Website, Kadokawa, d anime store (Japan only) (1 vote per platform)
  • You can nominate either a male or female seiyuu for this award (the awards now have genderless categories!).
  • You must follow the voting rules for each platform, otherwise, your votes won’t count.

This year, due to Twitter’s (now called “X”) daily and monthly post limitations for free accounts, there won’t be any voting through Twitter. So no matter how much you spam the Seiyuu Awards on Twitter, nothing will count to decide the winner.

If you want to participate, you will have to do so through the Seiyuu Awards Website and Kadokawa.

HOW TO VOTE via Seiyuu Awards Website

<strong>18th Seiyuu Awards: how to vote via Seiyuu Awards’ website</strong>

Head over to the official website (copy and paste this address in your browser to access the website) and click on the yellow box that I highlighted in RED

The voting on the website is the same as last year’s.
MVS 18 voting

Fill in the first line with the seiyuu’s name in KANJI

Family name in the 1st box and given name in the 2nd box.

In this example, I added the name 斉藤 壮馬 (Saito Soma) – yes, I continue to vote for him – you can Google your favorite seiyuu’s name in kanji and remember to fill in the box correctly.
Seiyu Awards MVS voting1

Fill in the first line with the seiyuu’s name in FURIGANA

Same thing you did with your pick for this award in the step above.

Family name in the 1st box and given name in the 2nd box but now in Furigana (basically, hiragana).

There are some platforms on the web that help transcribe the kanji into hiragana but beware as some seiyuu have their names with weird readings that might not translate into a correct hiragana reading.

You can use this website to convert Kanji to Furigana:
Make sure to double-check the furigana as some seiyuu have names with uncommon readings!

Always double-check the hiragana by searching it and seeing if your choice turns up in the results. You can always ask a friend of mutual who knows Japanese to help you with the hiragana spelling of the name.
Seiyu Awards MVS voting3

Check if the names in the Kanji and Hiragana readings are correct

If those aren’t correct, the Seiyuu Awards won’t count the vote.Seiyu Awards MVS voting2

Hit the CONFIRM buttonu003cbr/u003e

This is as simple as you can get.u003cimg alt=u0022u0022 src=u0022

Confirm everythingu003cbr/u003e

Seiyu Awards gives you another chance to make sure everything is correct. u003cbr/u003eu003cimg alt=u0022u0022 src=u0022

Hit the VOTE button

u003cimg alt=u0022u0022 src=u0022

You’ve just voted!

The Seiyu Awards thank you for your vote. You can now spread the word about voting to your friends and mutuals!
MVS 18 voting end

HOW TO VOTE via KADOKAWA’s website

This one might be a bit intimidating at first – especially if you’re not familiar with Japanese – but, in its essence, it is simpler than voting on the Seiyu Awards website.

1 – Go to

This is the page you get.

kadokawa voting MVS

Click on the link in the red highlighted area and off you go to the voting page.

kadokawa voting seiyuu awards

The order of contents is the following:

  • Your Age
  • Tick your gender (male/男性, female/女性 or other/その他)
  • Your email address

Then, on the box at the bottom, you write the name of the seiyuu you’re voting for, in the Most Valuable Seiyuu Award, in Kanji.

Hit the button next to the “100%”.

kadokawa voting seiyuu awards 1

You will reach a page in which you’ll get to confirm your data as well as if the name of the seiyuu you’re voting for is correct.

Hit the button that is circled in the print screen below.

kadokawa voting seiyuu awards 2

VOTING COMPLETE. You can now spread the word about it with your friends and mutuals.

Voting complete – you can exit the page

The awards for this and all other categories will be announced in March 2024.

SOURCE: Seiyuu Awards official website

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