Shinichiro Miki introduces fans to racing variety project, Voice Actors Racing Team

A new variety project is born.

Veteran seiyuu Shinichiro Miki founded the first seiyuu racing team and with it comes a new variety project: VART (Voice Actors Racing Team).

Anime sound director Masafumi Mima is the team’s director. Shinichiro Miki, well known car and racing enthusiast, is the team captain/driver and Daisuke Namikawa is the vice-captain/driver. Alongside the two veterans are Kaito Ishikawa and Tasuku Hatanaka as drivers.

Announcement event held on November 2, 2019 (Daisuke Namikawa did not attend it)

The goal is for the team to participate in the touring car 7-hour endurance race JOY耐 (JOY Endurance), race that will take place at Twin Ring Motegi in June 2020.

Shinichiro Miki, Masafumi Mima and Daisuke Namikawa have participated in the Kart Endurance Race held at Twin Ring Motegi for 10 years and now aim at participating on a bigger stage in a full-scale endurance race with touring cars.

Aside from Kaito Ishikawa and Tasuku Hatanaka’s participation as drivers for the team, other seiyuu are scheduled to participate in races and training events for the team.

A short video was released.

More details on this variety project are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

SOURCE: VART official website

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