Visual Karma: New 2D Visual-kei Rock Project Hops on Stage

Bandai Namco goes all in for a new 2D music project with visual-kei rock at its core. Welcome Visual Karma (to not confuse with VISUAL PRISON).


Visual Karma is an original 2D music project created by Bandai Namco (IDOLiSH7 and THE IDOLM@STER SideM).

The focus is all on visual-kei rock music (provided by visual-kei rock artists Midorikawa You from 0.1gの誤算 (0.1g no Gosan) and bo_ya from the Raid.), bringing in a cast that mixes newcomers with highly experienced veterans.


It’s a not-so-distant future. The band performance show “God of Band” was established as “huge content”, with the world being enthusiastic about the beauty and quality of the performers taking part in it.

But people don’t know.

That they are playing while absolving their sins.

Those who stop playing will fall as beautiful sinners.

In order to make his wish come true, the music of life begins to fulfill his jet-black fate.


Visual Karma counts with 2 bands.

The lineups for each group are the following:

Kajitsu no Bubble

The lineup is the following from left to right:

  • Kou Shishio (guitar) – CV: Hayato Dojima
  • Kazutora Tsugunaga (guitar) – CV: Noriaki Kanze
  • Yuzu Kuromiya (bass) – CV: Shuichiro Umeda
  • Haruto Washizaki (drums) – CV: Yutaro Takahashi


The lineup is the following from left to right:

To get to know more about each character please check Visual Karma’s official website.

Promotional video

Bandai released a promotional video with a snippet of the music fans can expect as well as character designs and bios.

Check it out below!


The Visual Karma franchise is all about music so it is expected that an announcement about the music releases will be made soon.

At the moment there is no additional information about those.

SOURCE: Visual Karma official website

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