Utapri and Idolmaster SideM top Oricon daily with their new releases

Utapri and Idolmaster SideM‘s releases top Oricon daily upon their debuts on the chart.

The feat is being celebrated on various media outlets in Japan including Nijimen.

Uta no Prince Sama, franchise that has been a force to reckon with in terms of popularity among in Japan as well as overseas for over 7 years, released their new single “Shining Romance/Force Live” on 15/11/2017. The single immediately shot to #3 on Oricon Daily on 14/11/2017 (the single entered on day early to the charts) and kept that rank yesterday on 15/11/2017.

The single has over 25.000 copies in 2 days.

On the other side Idolmaster SideM show their impressive popularity. The franchise released the new single “Reason!!“, song featured as the opening theme for the ongoing anime series and performed by 315 Stars (Dramatic Stars, HighxJoker, Beit, W, S.E.M and Jupiter), on 15/11/2017. As soon as the single entered the chart (on 14/11/2017) it snatched a #2 on Oricon daily. “Reason!!” sold over 28.000 copies on its first day of sales alone.

The single is currently on #2 on Oricon daily with over 40.000 copies sold in 2 days.

Here are the official figures for both days (screenshots from Oricon’s official website):

Figures and ranks from 14/11/2017
Figures and ranks from 15/11/2017

Congratulations are in order for both franchises!

Source: Nijimen / Oricon daily (14th) (15th)