Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Maji LOVE Kingdom Special Unit Drama CD Otoya, Ai, Van (Review)

Utano☆prince-sama‘s first single of the shuffle series is out and with it comes a perfectly executed combo off an instrumental piece and vocal performances being on pair with each other bringing out the best track possible.

More information regarding the single.

Title: Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Maji LOVE Kingdom Special Unit Drama CD Otoya, Ai, Van 
Release date: 12/12/2018
Label: Broccoli
Genre: J-Pop


1 - Up-Down-Up!
2 - 近すぎる距離感 [DRAMA]
3 - 突然の恋バナ!? [DRAMA]
4 - サプライズは大胆に [DRAMA]
5 - この3人なら! [DRAMA]
6 - Up-Down-Up!(off vocal)

Track analysis:


Up-Down-Up ! is a mix of the “sound” of each character and it is precisely that element that is providing this giving track with quite alot of energy from the get go. With an instrumental piece full of different layers, it is quite interesting to listen to the track several times as one can unmistakably identify each part of the instrumental piece that sort of represent each member singing in this unit. So, with that in mind, just to give an example, we have the synths that are an important part of Ai’s presence, as well as a piano solo with in a quick break before the last chorus.

Mixing several elements in a track’s instrumental piece may reveal to be a task that can easily fail, especially so if the instruments and/or elements incorporated are that different rendering final product overwhelming or perhaps lackluster. Up-Down-Up ! is the opposite. Granted that we can listen to a funky guitar in the beginning and for the more careful listener, hopefully the guitar will still be noticeable here and there as it makes some occasional appearances, but that’s not all. We most certainly have some 80s disco vibes, although altered by the most modern touch provided by the synths, and lastly there are some parts when we can briefly listen to a Spanish acoustic guitar adding a certain sexiness to the instrumental piece.

Overall, Up-Down-Up ! is a track that is well executed and with nothing to point fingers at. The instrumental piece is certainly of top quality and it managed to mix the three character’s personality and individual quirks to the track which made it all the more personal. When it comes to the vocal performance one must mention just how well Takuma, Aoi and Takahashi’s voices, although so different, managed to create such a wonderful performance. Each of them were able to shine and not overshadow the other members, which is something that sometimes happens in cases such as these. Sure enough, in this case, it all worked out perfectly.

Final rating: 

Unit 1 CD is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

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