Unicorn Jr. announce first release for 2016


Unicorn Jr. are the first Rejet unit to make their comeback in 2016. The trio consisting of Shouta Aoi, Chiharu Sawashiro and Toshiyuki Someya is set to release their 3rd single in the first quarter of 2016.

The new single is titled “F.A” and is scheduled to be released on 13/01/2016, available in three editions: Unicorn Jr., Tsubasa and Teruma, Alto and Teruma.

The tracklist is the following:

1 - F.A
2 - Unlimited Saga
3 - in my youth
4 - ヒトカケラ

So far the snippets for the first three tracks are already available on Pitagoras Production official website.

As soon as the cover art is available an the pre-orders open on CDAJAPAN we’ll update this news.

SOURCE: Pitagoras Production official website