UMake unveil details on TRIPPERS!!’s tour livestream

UMake unveiled details on this weekend’s livestream of their Osaka tour stop.

UMake, unit consisting of Yumeraji’s hosts Kento Ito and Yoshiki Nakajima, had to, recently, postpone their tour stop in Osaka because of Coronavirus concerns. The duo then announced that they were working on an alternative way to still perform for their fans.

UMake are going to livestream their live show without a live audience on 15/03/2020 at 17h JST.

Livestream will be up on Youtube and Nico Nico however, only a part of the livestream will be available for everyone.

The live will be split into 3 parts. Everyone will be able to watch the 1st part of the live for free.

When the 2nd part of the live kicks in, livestream on Youtube wraps up, with only paying fans on Rajitomo’s official channel (a single fee of 2,500 yen) on Nico Nico being able to have access to the last two parts of the show.

For more details please refer to UMake’s official website.

SOURCE: UMake official website