TSUKIPRO unveils details on ZIX’s debut single

Today, Tsukipro unveiled the tracklist and song previews for ZIX‘s debut single.

A brief introduction (contains mild spoilers):

ZIX were introduced during the eight episode of the TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION series. They are Growth‘s rival unit, both leaders (Kouki and Makoto) know each other pretty well from what people could see during the episode. The rest of the dynamic between both groups is left for you to watch the episode (we don’t want to spoil you too much).

ZIX consist on Makoto Sugai, voiced by Daiki Hamano and Mitsuru Hishida, voiced by Takumi Watanabe. This unit is signed under Sun Promotion Entertainment (Sunpro), Tsukipro‘s rival entertainment company.

ZIX‘s debut song “brilliant” is scheduled to be released on 23/03/2018.

The cover is the following:

This single includes 2 songs + 2 instrumentals + drama track (up to 20 minutes long). The tracklist is the following:

1 - brilliant
2 - BML
3 - brilliant
4 - BML

A short video including snippets to both songs was released today on Tsukipro‘s official youtube channel.

brilliant” is avalable for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

brilliant / ZIX

SOURCE: Tsukipro official twitter account / Sunpro official website