Tsukipro unveil final details on Reiji Amaha’s “emerald”

TSUKIPRO released today the cover art, tracklist and song previews for the 9th volume of the “bi-color” series.

Updated intro to this series with some spoilers in the mix:

VAZZROCK is the newest 2.5D project by Tsukipro. The cast includes 12 characters split into 2 bands: Vazzy and Rock Down. Those 12 characters represent different precious stones. Besides this and in regards to the interactions between this series and others under Tsukipro, it is mentioned that VAZZROCK‘s members are on good terms (some even friends) with some members of SQ and ALIVE. VAZZROCKSQ and ALIVE all share the same dormitory. Vazzy and Rock Down‘s leaders were once part of the same group with SolidS‘ Shiki Takamura and QUELL‘s Shu Izumi.

The ninth bi-color series’ CD is helmed by Rock Down‘s Reiji Amaha (Takuya Sato). 天羽玲司-emerald- is scheduled to be released on 26/10/2018, available in regular edition.

The cover art is the following:

The tracklist is the following:

1 - DRAMA「ちょっとは距離を縮めよう」
2 - DRAMA「ありがとう」
3 - Rendez-vous
4 - 純情グラフィティ (duet with Taito Ban)
5 - Rendez-vous -off vocal-
6 - 純情グラフィティ -off vocal-

A promotional video featuring previews to all songs on this CD was released today.

VAZZROCK” bi-color Series (9) “Reiji Amaha – emerald –” is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

"VAZZROCK" bi-color Series / Reiji Amaha (Takuya Sato) & Ayumu Tachibana Ayumu (Taito Ban)
Reiji Amaha (Takuya Sato) & Ayumu Tachibana Ayumu (Taito Ban)

SOURCE: Tsukipro official website / VAZZROCK official twitter account